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It’s a good thing that Holiday Shop planning is my favorite time of year since it’s happening all year long at MDK.

Don’t even try to work out the sense in that sentence, just fill a sippy cup with MDK Windup Blend and join me on a joyride of exploration of the great beyond knitting. You’re sure to find a new craft to explore or to delight someone on your gift list.

Going Mobile

Making Mobiles caught Kay’s eye very early in 2021, and when the team saw that pompoms were involved in the making of Karolina Merska’s contemporary pająki (say pah-yonk-ee), we knew we were on to something knitters (and the crafty teens in their lives) would love.

The author provides materials lists for each project, and this traditional Polish craft lends itself to swapping in a wide variety of natural, handmade, and found objects to add color and fun to holiday decorating.

I used tissue paper to make the pink Blossom Pom and Brown window star paper to make the hedgehog pom. And The last of my hydrangeas are shown here in my “Wedding Chandelier” WIP—the ribbons are snip and rip fabrics from my stash, so the only thing I shopped for was the wreath form.
Find it here.

Fuzzy Critters

We’ve gone wide on needle felting here at MDK, and now we’re going deep into the “wool as clay” felting world—using our fingers and needles to shape animals out of roving.

The Woolly Creatures Felting Kit is deluxe. It comes with directions for making six creatures—starting with basic shapes and building on skills toward figures joining multiple shapes. Your imagination is the limit. And the materials and tools are the best we’ve come across.

I knew them before they posed for Chris Sharp.

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow.

Making window stars has been a winter tradition in my family for many years. When I shared them at one of our first Holiday Shop meetings, the Atlas Craft Table team took to them immediately.

I mean, just look:

We should offer this image as a jigsaw puzzle next year, don’t you think?
BYO Gluestick. Paper and books are here.

Hot tip if you have mullioned windows like I do: Cut each sheet into quarters to make smaller (and more!) stars.

Brush up your calligraphy.

Our own Hannah Jones loves Pentel Brush Pens. That was enough for us to bring them in for our MDK Journals this year.

We’re not the only ones who love to write the alphabet over and over again. Do admit.

Add Modern Brush Lettering for a perfect gift to plan a colorful, joyful 2022.


Potholder fever. Potholders forever.  ‘Nuff said.

Did you notice we brought in new loop colors?
Think Thanksgiving fun.

You’ll find all these colorful, gifty items in the Cool Little Things and Beautiful Books departments of the Holiday Shop.

Questions? Someone on the MDK team has snipped, wrapped, fluffed, glued, or needled every beyond knitting project we’re carrying, so ask away in the comments.

About The Author

An artist in multiple media by nature and by education, Cristina Shiffman is a knitter, sewist, potter, and photographer who also draws, paints, and dyes with natural materials. Cristina has been collaborating with MDK since 2017.


  • Probably you were kidding, but I love the idea of the Window Stars jig-saw puzzle. Surely I’m not the only knitter who enjoys them. The two activities seem related somehow … ?

    • I agree with Nancy, there are so many beautiful MDK pictures that could be great jigsaws. The gorgeous moody paint and yarn on the contents page of Field Guide 14 would be another great contender!

    • Absolutely agree! Window stars jigsaw puzzle must happen!!

      • Agree! Puzzle must happen!

        • In fact I constantly see jigsaw puzzles in your fabulous photographs. Seriously. Definitely a great idea for you to pursue. Please do!

    • Not kidding! Puzzles have been on the holiday shop radar for a few years. Thanks, Ginny.

      • See what you’ve started Cristina!

  • There were years in Haley’s childhood that the window stars remained hung all year, to be brightened in the darkest days. Thank you all for being the reminder and source of this simple and joyful craft.
    Also i could go crazy with the new loops and potholder book, thanks Crisitina!

  • My favorite line of the day: “ a guide to something many of us crave: a full-circle creative life.” Beautifully stated! Thank you!

  • Just started my Christmas shopping—thanks for the inspiration! One question. Are you carrying the potholder Loome this year? I see all the accessories, but no Loome!

    • Looms are back, Jeanette!

    • More looms are in transit to us at this very moment!

  • I’m already a potholder loom junkie, but I think you may soon be creating some new obsessions for me.

  • So much to love at the Holiday Shop. I seem to be ordering on repeat. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for your efforts to restock the Window Stars book! I grabbed my copy and plenty of papers yesterday. And, that image totally needs to be a jigsaw puzzle next year! Please, please, please!

    • I guess it’s gone again already! Sigh.

  • I bought the Potholder kit and the window stars. Already made one potholder. Addictive!!! Next – Stars

  • Thanks for this refresher Cristina, there truly are wonderful options here!

  • I’ve projected my fascination with needlefelting onto my granddaughter, who just received a beginners’ kit for her birthday this month. If she loves it as much as I think she will (she’s a 12-year-old crafter who had me teaching her crochet when she was 8), then we may be able to do it together — over Zoom, since we’re about 1400 miles apart, alas.

  • These are all great and inspiring! What is the starting age for the Felted animals, do you think? I know the upper age is infinity.

    • And same question for the Making Mobiles.

      • Hi, Melanie! The felting needles are sharp, and a lot of patience is required to jab away until forms take shape, so about 13 and up for felting.

        As a solo activity, I would say about the same for Making Mobiles, but as a family activity–younger ones winding yarn for pompoms and stringing straw or paper straws while teens and adults assemble the mobiles–you could get younger children involved.

        • Thank you!

  • I would love a puzzle with loads of fair isle patterns on it!

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