What’s On? Potholder Fever

By Ann Shayne
April 20, 2021

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  • A further use for Harrisville potholder loops – they make soft, stretchy and colorful ear pieces for homemade face masks!

    • That’s perfect! I never thought of that, thanks for the great idea

  • Oh my, I did the same thing with my first houndstooth potholder, but you don’t actually skip anything. You weave it just like the plain ones. The trick is not to read the chart like knitting colorwork!

    • Omg what a dope! Now I gotta make another dozen (italics) making them the right way. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • You can also sew those squares together and make a rug. I have two on my kitchen floor and just wash as needed. I’m thinking about a tote for my next project.

    • A rug does seem to be waving at me!

      • I made my favourite bath mat with potholders. It has lasted and lasted. It makes me smile every time I get it out of the linen closet x

    • Potholder tote… [insert heart-eyes kitty emoji]

  • Ooooooh, I love making potholders. I still have two tiny ones in my kitchen that I made when I was a kid and I love that you’re bringing this back … I need this in my life again.

    • Black and white loops just sayin

      Gotta see The Jen Geigley Potholder Collection!

  • I LOVE making these for little gifts. Have you thought about carrying the 10″ looms and loops? They also make great potholders or trivets!

    • Big loom does seem like a good idea!

    • I think larger potholders would be great. Getting older, I seem to need more acreage with potholders to avoid burning my ever clumsier hands!

      • I agree, getting (slightly! Ahem) older, but even when younger, slightly larger potholders are a lot better and less risky. I’m waiting for a 10” version, please MDK.

  • Oh, potholders! My first foray into entrepreneurship. 2/25 cents. Still love making them—now in 2 sizes!

  • I too am in a potholder frenzy. Such wonderful mindless work. I made these as a kid and the muscle memory in finishing and removing them from the loom is amazing. After five decades my fingers just knew what to do! I bought looms for my girls for Christmas with the idea of having design contests. So far I am the only one in that game!
    That pewter, salmon, Robin’s egg, and powder blue is my fav, Ann!

  • Two thoughts: perhaps the teen would welcome this as a 16th birthday gift we can then share. And wondering whether the sleeves of thrifted Ts could be cut into potholder loops…

  • I’m wondering if I could match potholders to the continuous stream of ballband dishcloths coming off my needles. What a nice gift set that would be!

    • I gave one to my niece, but maybe I need one too! How cool would it be to have matching potholders and dishcloths? Great idea!

      • I made potholder and knitted dishcloths for my girl’s group. There are 10 of us. Each person got to pick one of each. They were a great hit.
        I also put a potholder and a dishcloth in each of my adult children’s stocking each Christmas!

    • What is a ballband dishcloth?

      • It’s a pattern that was originally printed on the ballband of a now-discontinued cotton yarn, and has been a subject of fascination at MDK for a very long time:

        It’s never too late to join the band of ballband devotees! 😉

  • The potholder loom has been my pandemic comfort craft!

  • Oh Ann, another daughter of the South here. Your phrase “…potholder loom mania that hit ever once we began carrying…” brought me delicious memories of one of my fave Southernese concoctions: using the words “every since” where others might (boringly) say “ever since.”
    “Every since I have been knitting these ballband dishrags I don’t need the Prozac anymore!” Heading over to the shop NOW to look at the looms…

  • I have the (knitting) potholder fever. It is done during conference calls. (Ssssh) Using up a vintage Ravelry destash, I found the idea on a Danish blog (attribution given) and results are called POTM – Potholder of the month. Yes, a theme for every month 🙂

  • I just received the Pro kit that I ordered and have made 2 yesterday and the 3rd is warped. I was going to join the zoom meeting last night but thought it was about the sweater. Is there a chance to catch a re-run? I have a smaller loom from a craft store but it has acrylic loops and isn’t quite as nice. These are awesome. Thanks Ann 🙂

  • We (kids and I) have a cast quantity of eye-poppingly ugly potholders that I attached into an incredibly hideous, chunky vest. Anytime we’re feeling the pandemic blues, someone mentions it, or digs it out to wear…we all crack up laughing!

    • That’s hilarious!

  • Do you know of Crispina French she has a whole community making potholder rugs, recycling old t-shirts etc keeping old unusable fabric out of the landfill. While making beautiful rugs.

  • I too have bought into PH fever…..love the simple fast gratification> Ideas for color combinations wake me up in the night!

  • I had a stand where I sold potholders and lemonade when I was a girl. I LOVE woven potholders!

  • It’s the closest some of us adults will get to summer camp again.
    Are lanyards next?