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Natalie Chanin, the legendary founder of Alabama Chanin, is teaching the secrets of her hand-sewing method. It’s going to be a very special virtual class on Sept. 6. Details and registration are here. Not to be missed!

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You've Got Snippets: July 20, 2024

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner   0

Saturday fun for you: all the knitterly news plus 2 special deals.

Yarn Detective: Creative Linen for the Schvitzing Season

By Jillian Moreno   14

To quote Van Halen: It's the best of both worlds.

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Fatimah Hinds

Vancouver, BC

Fatimah is the Vancouver-based fiber artist behind Disturbing the Fleece.

Suzan Colón

New York, New York

Into superheroes and the superpower of meditation.

Ashley Balding

Nashville, Tennessee

Just don't ask her what "Snickleway" means.

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