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Dear everybody,

Our new MDK site has all the familiar features plus shiny improvements.

We’d like to take you on a quick tour. In the words of Willy Wonka, “Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous. Don’t be alarmed.” There’s lots to see!

Something New Every Day

We publish something new every day of the week. Bookmark the MDK homepage and check in each morning. And sign up for Snippets, our Saturday newsletter with all the week’s posts, right here, and you’ll receive 10 percent off your next order in the MDK Shop.

If you’re truly committed, check the New Post Notifications box when you sign up for Snippets, and you’ll get a daily email from us.

The MDK Shop

We spend a huge amount of time working on our offerings in the MDK Shop.

If we love it, we try to figure out how to make it available to you. Special yarns. Handmade bags. Hard-to-find books. Clever notions and tools. And Field Guides.

MDK Field Guides

MDK Field Guides are the little books at the core of what we’re doing at MDK.

Every so often, we publish a Field Guide that presents a small collection of designs by the most creative designers in the knitting world. We are incredibly proud of these books—26 and counting—and we are heartened that they have been welcomed by knitters all over the world.

We invite you to join us in the world of these Field Guides. We do Field Guide knitalongs. We offer the yarns featured in each Field Guide. We host workshops starring Field Guide designers.

Subscribe now—lots of benefits await you.

If you’re collecting Field Guides, build your collection here, and save 15 percent when you bundle three or more Field Guides.

The Rabbit Holes

Our Departments are the four links across the top of every MDK page: Shop, How To, Patterns, Read.

In these Departments, you’ll find thousands of posts. Quick and clear how-to tutorials. Music to knit to. A great sheet pan supper recipe. Where to buy yarn in Norway. Fly-on-the-wall project posts. Yarn talk. There’s no end to it. We hear of knitters who dive into a Department, ditch work, and come out a month later, forever changed.

The MDK Pattern Library

Brand new! For the first time, we’ve created a searchable resource containing every single Field Guide pattern and MDK pattern.

You’ll see pattern information as well as tutorials and MDK posts about each design. It’s a new way to explore the dozens of designs we’ve published.

The Lounge

The Lounge is our very own forum, free to all who have an MDK account. It is a welcoming place, open 24/7, and you can participate however you like. The Lounge link is at the very top of the homepage. And right here.

When we have a knitalong, the Lounge is where you’ll find like-minded folks who are sharing their work and helping each other get to the finish line. Stuck on a project? Ask for help.


Discover the writers who are teaching us, amusing us, showing us beautiful things. When you visit Contributors, you’ll see everybody who contributes to MDK.

Click on a person, and you’ll find a complete list of their MDK pieces. It’s a great way to dig deep into, say, the patterns that catch the eye of Dana Williams-Johnson. The how-tos of Patty Lyons. The recipes of Judy Wright. The books that Franklin Habit loves. A wealth of self-help from Max Daniels.

Your Account

Register right here, and you’ll be able to bookmark articles for later reference. You can check on your orders. You can participate in the Lounge.

We have a lot of new things on the horizon, and we hope you’ll come along with us on this journey that seems to lead us all deeper into our connections with each other. We love to knit as much as you do, and we love even more the chance to share all these things with you.


Kay and Ann


  • Love the new “back end” because it recognizes me as a “returnee”…no pop up asking me to subscribe when I’m already a subscriber!! Woo hoo!

    • I love this too! Also, for the first time ever I’m still logged in when I come back the next day 🙂

  • Thanks for the Pattern guide! My paper field guides were starting to wear out, just from pattern searching. 🙂

  • I agree, this is a welcome change!

  • Does one have to sign up for Snippets, etc., all over again if one already has an account?

  • No, our mailing list and MDK accounts are unaffected by the website revamp, so if you’re already signed up for those things, you’re good.

  • Thank you, thank you for “Patterns”! As a subscriber I have all the field guides but I usually can’t remember which one contains the pattern I want. I had taken to writing the pattern pages on the back cover list of patterns for each guide, but that didn’t prevent having to search through 23 FGs. I often wished for an Index – and here it is – with pictures!

  • Love getting the emails daily, but I would appreciate it if I didn’t get two emails every Saturday. I do enjoy the snippets, but if you are signed up for the snippets with the email notification of the daily posts you get the snippets emailed, and you get the post notification email.

    Please help fight inbox bloat!!! I

    • HI, Cara! While it might appear that way, you’re not technically getting duplicates – it’s actually the same information, sent to two different email lists. One is the Snippets email notification, and one is the regular daily post notification. We recently began duplicating the content of the Snippets email as the Saturday post so that more people could see it. Since you’re signed up for both of those notifications – Snippets email and daily post – you’re getting the same info twice, which will happen as long as you’re signed up for both. You can just delete one without even opening it (again, the information is the same in both). The only way to not get both is to unsubscribe from one or the other – Snippets or the daily post notification. If you do that, though, you might miss out on stuff if we change the purpose of that Saturday post in the future. Hope that clears it up for you!

  • Ok what is the best way to log into account? My home page did not show the ‘ my account’ at the top?

  • Why is everything huge?? Using Firefox, and none of the other websites that I visit are enormous? The “f” for facebook is larger than my 23″ screen. Hope it all gets worked out soon!

  • Seems like a nice update!

    A couple details. On my phone (Android, tried two different browsers), the menu under the horizontal bars doesn’t scroll, so I can’t get to the bottom and choose READ.

    Then, on any platform, when I get to a point where I can open Letters, I would like to go poke around in the archive at say about 2012, without hitting next, next, next through 190 pages of posts there. I’d also like to see the dates of the posts.

    Keep up to good work. This site is a real favorite.

  • I don’t see a way to customize the cookies.

    • I wish you well, but it’s all a little too confusing for me.

  • When Zi hit the ok for cookies, the color of ok changes but the screen doesn’t go away. I’m on a phone.

  • I’m trying to add a recent article to my favourites and can’t find the button! I’ve been looking for days… does anyone know where it is?

    • I have the same question. Are we missing something?

  • I’m not seeing the four links across the top of the MDK pages (Shop, How To, Patterns, Read). Also, I’m not getting the flag that allows for saving articles. I mention it here, but hope it will work out in a day or two.

    • We’re working on it. It’s a process!

  • this is amazing! I love that the field guide patterns are so easily accessible. I get them all, but this is a simpler way to “peruse” them rather than pulling all my books out. Also love the designer access.

  • Hmm, on an iPhone 6 and don’t get the rabbit holes on the page. And that’s what I was looking for, to find Kay Gardiner’s pattern for Lace Rib Scarf.

  • Hello! I don’t seem to be able to access any of the blog posts from before 2015 from the Read tab. I hope those old posts haven’t been deleted because I’m currently trying to read the whole archive in order! I’m on an Android Motorola phone if it matters.

    • I also can’t see the dates on the posts like the above commenter. I thought it might be a design choice rather than a bug… but I’d also like to see them.

      • Update: the posts do seem to exist! I can access at least one by Google search. However, this is not an optimal way to find Every Post. Also of note is that the website believes there are 372 pages of search results (if the page title “Page 241 of 372” is to be believed) but it can’t access the pages after 241, even if I put that directly in the URL. Something is weird in your software! I’m sure your software people are very tired of fixing bugs after doing a Whole Update… but this is one for their list.

        • Update: the same issue arises on my Windows computer 🙁

  • Hi I need help! I recall some tips on Intarsia (pull from the tangle), but I want to revisit them and can’t find a way to search for Intarsia. Thanks.

  • Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks!

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