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You’ve always meant to try socks. Now’s the time! A new virtual class with Fatimah Hinds, coming June 21. Register here.

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New virtual class! In the MDK Craft Hut, it's gonna be basketmaking this summer.

Register now!

Today on MDK

Postcards: Sewanee and Nashville

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne   20

Another astonishing Knitting Getaway is in the books, and in our hearts forever.

Pattern Scout: Blankets in Pieces

By Jen Arnall-Culliford   22

8 inventive designs full of surprise. Portable knitting that really adds up.

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Gretchen Wright

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Roams where she wants to . . . crafting all along the way.

Jen Arnall-Culliford

Frome, England

All about helping knitters find their "Ah-ha!" moments.

Jillian Moreno

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Knows all the fiber words.

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"I have some Plotulopi! Has anyone done the Felix Pullover with that? I find it knits similar to Léttlopi."

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