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As you explore the rabbit hole that is MDK, you’ll want to save stuff for the future: that article about installing a zipper, those needles you want to try. With our handy bookmark tool, it’s easy to create your own customized library of MDK articles and products.

How to Save an Article

Important: Make sure you log in into your MDK account. Click “Login” on the homepage, and set up your free account if you haven’t already got one.

Once logged in, return to the article you’d like to save. Find the bookmark icon near the headline of the post. Here’s a close-up.

Click it, and it turns dark. Done! You have saved the article to your Saved Articles folder.

How to Locate a SAVED Article

Now that you’ve saved it, how do you find it later?

At the top of the homepage, click “Login” if you need to log in. If you’re already logged in, this link will read “My Account.”

At the left of the My Account page, click “Bookmarks.”

Wow! Check it out: there’s the gold mine of articles you’ve saved during your visits to MDK. Please note: Your bookmarked articles and items will appear from earliest saved to latest. If you bookmark this article, it will appear at the bottom of the scroll.

How to Save a Product

Same idea: just bookmark it! Look for the bookmark icon that appears on every Shop product image. Clicking that icon saves it to your Bookmarks folder.

We hope you have fun with this feature—there are thousands of posts to explore here, so we hope you have a good time building your own collection of MDK articles and products.


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  • Thanks for this tutorial. It took me a few times to realize the banner no longer turns red. I would call it an aha moment, my students would say “duh”.

  • Except it’s still not working. I’m logged in, the little square filled in, but the article doesn’t appear in my Bookmarks page. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll get it figured out.

    • Well I’m an idiot! The newest item appears at the bottom of the list of Bookmarks, not the top! Time to revisit my list and delete some I don’t need anymore. So it’s all good now.

  • It’s wonderful to be able to save articles. I have approximately a zillion, which leads me to: how great it would be to be able to sort my saved articles into folders, or at least have a separate “Search” available that just searches saved articles. Especially since the current search seems to search mainly Letters, and just by titles, not content. I know, adding things like this is difficult and expensive. On the other hand, having the newest at the end leads to pleasant exploring of forgotten saves. Thank you for all the work that must be involved in improving your site.

  • There is a little glitch with the save. You can click the save flagged when you aren’t logged in and the flag goes dark so it looks like the article is saved even though you aren’t logged in. Old website wouldn’t display the flag to save unless you were logged in (if I remember right which is always dicey)
    The new website is super fancy! It looks great.

    • Yes, I experienced this yesterday, too. I would not have realized I hadn’t save the article if I hadn’t tried to find my saved articles in my account only to discoverI wasn’t logged in. This seems like a functionality issue you’d want to know about as part of the roll-out.

    • Yeah, if you’re not finding an article you think you saved, this is the issue 99.9% of the time: you weren’t signed in when you saved it, even if you think you were. But you can always sign in and go back and bookmark it again (or for the first time, actually).

  • Glad to see the save button back!

  • Thanks for this information which I like to use when finding an article I want to save. I would like to know how to delete an article that I no longer need.

    • Just click on the little bookmark logo again (when you’re looking at the article) and it’ll change color from grey to nothing and then be unsaved.

  • I know the website is still in WIP mode, but I’m finding that even when I’m logged in, I can click on the save button & it’ll go dark, but then lighten up again, so the article isn’t saved. I need that Patty, “fix your dropped cast-on stitch” article available all the time!

    • Check to see if it’s gone to the verrrrrrrry bottom of your Bookmarks list – that’s how it’s working right now.

  • Well I can’t find the log in on the home page so there is that. I don’t see the little person?

    • Hi Julia! The little person is now the much less cute “LOGIN” button at the top right of the homepage.

  • Works fine!

  • My complaint has always been that if I want to save an article, I have to login, then go back to the article to save it. The “remember me” box doesn’t work for this.

    • As far as I can tell the “Save my name…” button doesn’t do anything. This is also true on many other web sites. I always wonder why it’s there at all?

    • One way around this: if you log in when you first get to the site – before you start browsing – you shouldn’t have to do the back and forth; you’ll already be signed in when you see something you want to save.

      • Another topic, how does one enter a photo as one’s identifier as some MDK readers have?

        • Hi, Beth – that feature is Lounge-connected. If you’re not already registered over there, first make sure you are signed in to your MDK account. Then click on “The Lounge” either in the dropdown or the horizontal list at the top (depending on how you’re accessing the site, computer or phone/tablet). Then click “log in” at the top of the Lounge page. You’ll get an email which you’ll need to open and confirm. A couple of more clicks (just do what it says!) and you’ll be deposited into the Lounge, all signed in and Lounge-activated. Click the little circle at the top that *probably* has your initial in it and hover over the little person icon. Then click “preferences,” which will open a panel where you’ll see that same circle (again, probably with your initial in it). Click the little pencil and you can upload whatever profile pic you like (“add a custom picture”).

          If you ARE ALREADY registered over there, just pick up those instructions at “Click the little circle at the top….” and continue on.

          And thus ends today’s Reddit AMA on MDK.

  • I’m having trouble logging in on my computer, a site called Jetpack pops up and says it has locked my site’s login page and asks me for my email address. Fortunately, I can still access the site with my ipad

    • yes, another device is the usual successful workaround when this pops up; the Jetpack thing will resolve itself sooner or later

  • YAY! Thank you very, very much!

  • I miss the wonderful orange bookmark! I want the orange back, please!

  • So I have been trying to save a couple of articles, but it’s not working. I click on the icon to save, it disappears, then I check my acct but its not there!

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