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Claudia B. Manley

Hamilton, Ontario

Claudia B. Manley is a writer, artist, and maker living in Hamilton, Ontario.

Claudia earned an MA in Philosophy and Social Policy from American University and an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University. Her stories have appeared in numerous journals including The New Guard, Calyx, Joyland, and Lake Effect, and her textbook, Fashion Writing: A Primer, was published by Routledge in November 2022. She’s also written for outlets such as The Culture Trip and Knitty and once wrote lesbian dating advice for In addition to training to become a Gestalt psychotherapist, she teaches writing at Western University in London, Ontario and is a member of the art collective Shake–n–Make.

A dedicated skill collector, Claudia is open to learning how to do practically everything, which has resulted in learning to hunt, weave, and read tarot cards, among other things.

Portrait by Amy Singer
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Contributions From Claudia B. Manley

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