Potholder Loom and Loops

By Friendly Loom


Is there a fiber craft more fun for all ages than weaving potholders? No, there absolutely is not. Nothing takes the edge off a day like spending an hour reliving—or creating—childhood memories while making a cheerful kitchen standby. The Friendly Loom potholder loom and vibrant cotton loops are the best quality we’ve ever seen. 

And tap over here for Ann’s free Potholder Loop Rug pattern.

Loom Kit with Multicolor Loops
Carnation - Loops Only
Dark Navy - Loops Only
Flax - Loops Only
Powder Blue - Loops Only
Peacock - Loops Only
Plum - Loops Only
Pewter - Loops Only
Red - Loops Only
Robin's Egg - Loops Only
Salmon - Loops Only
Spice - Loops Only
Silver - Loops Only
Tiger Lily - Loops Only
White - Loops Only
Winter White - Loops Only
Yellow - Loops Only
Blue - Loops Only
Green - Loops Only
Hydrangea - Loops Only
Lime - Loops Only
Leaf - Loops Only
Lavender - Loops Only
Orange - Loops Only
Pine - Loops Only
Turquoise - Loops Only
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Specs & Details

Additional Info

Friendly Loom

The Friendly Loom is your jumping-off point for potholder fun. The loom kit contains everything you need to get started and to make your first two potholders. 

  • Sturdy Metal Loom 7″ x 7″
  • 2 Hooks (one metal for loop weaving and one plastic for finishing)
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Enough multicolored, 100% cotton loops to make two potholders

More Loops for More Fun

The multicolor loops that come with the loom will get you started, but the fun really begins when you add a few bags of other colors to the mix. 

(We recommend that you add a bag of white or ecru loops to your loom order, to give you more contrast for making patterns.) 

Each bag contains enough loops to make two 6” x 6” potholders. 

Potholder math is easy. 1 bag = 2 potholders. Every additional bag adds more color to the mix, and 2 more potholders. 

These cotton loops are made in the USA, and every loop fits. 

To make the set pictured in the gallery add the Loom Kit to your cart along with one bag each of Winter White, Spice, Tiger Lily, and Robin’s Egg loops.