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  • I’m with you on dots vs. lines. I also like a nice graph paper notebook.

  • I love the stickers! Thank you for the great surprise with my last order and your customer service is the best.

  • Darn – I didn’t see the stickers when I placed my order 🙁 Bullet journaling is great. It’s amazing how it has expanded into an industry -starting from paper and pen.

    • It sounds like the stickers are a perk for your order- no purchasing necessary!

      • Hmm -will have to check my box again because I don’t think they were there.

  • What is the name of the girl in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory that wants it all? Yeah, that’s me right now!

  • HEART EYES!!!!!!

  • Use the stickers to decorate your DOG???!!??? Ann, you’ve really stepped in it this time! Olive may never speak to you again!

  • I’m sad. Didn’t get any stickers in my last order from the look book.

    • Woohoo! I’m wrong! I did get the stickers. Thank you. I can add to my bullet journal.

      • this gives me hope – I’ll check my box when I get home.

  • My gosh! I haven’t seen calendar dish towels in decades. An instant memory of my childhood kitchen.

  • Stickers!!!! I need to order something!