You’ve Got Snippets: January 21, 2023

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
January 21, 2023

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  • Hi!
    Happy New Year!
    I am a long time subscriber to the Field guides. I’m not an adventurous knitter and while I could learn entrelac & brioche & fair isle, I choose not to. I love the artistic quality of all the patterns, and I respect the skill and knowledge it takes to make these items. But why oh why book after book are all the patterns in all the books so hard and advanced? And if they are simpler they require a massive amount of yarn? I would love to see several of your guides bringing it down with some inventive creations for us who don’t want a difficult pattern. I’m hoping for at least one of your field guides coming up to be geared to us casual knitters who don’t need to do complicated projects but just want simple and/or quicker designs that maybe use one or 2 hanks instead.
    Thank you!

    • Great comment

    • This is something we think about a lot, because we love relaxing knitting so much, and because we also love the variety and creativity of today’s knitwear designers. I think if you are with us daily you will find a neverending stream of fun, small projects. On Thursday we were talking about the Drei hat, I’ve knit a pile of Sophie Scarves. Knitting is all about fun for us. The current Field Guide, No. 22, features designs by Joji Locatelli that are super accessible to the average knitter. We think you’ll find Arne & Carlos’s designs in their Field Guide to be both exciting and within reach. They are known for their color work, and two projects in particular, the Setesdal Hat and the Kos Neckwarmer, are as easy and fun as stranded colorwork can be. Anyway please know that ease and relaxation and fun are always on the menu around here.

    • Agreed

    • Have you looked at Field Guide 4, Log Cabin? Or FG 18, Beginnings? Both have smaller options to delight any knitter. I like trying new techniques on small items.

      • Yes I agree, many of the FG’s have a small, more simple project for just what @Janet asks for. Scarves, in particular are a classic beginner project and there are many beautiful patterns offered. Some have a little extra, like a simple lace or rib that gets you into the next level of knitting.
        Thanks for your fabulous website Kay and Ann, its a joy every morning.

  • I don’t see the point of having Snippets on Saturday and then having it on the main page as well. That’s seems for us to be missing out of one day’s news, so today I got it twice. If someone doesn’t want to subscribe to “Snippets”, then they’re missing out, but if you get all the weekly emails, you’re not really missing out.

  • Sign me up for the 3 Free Field guides. I have up to 16 so I am a little behind.
    Has Kay started a new Temp. blanket thread for 2023?
    Thanks for all your information.

  • I’m entranced by all the patterns. I have a hard time choosing. And then there’s color. Oh my!

  • My yarn for the sweater from Field Guide 23 just arrived, and I am about to start swatching!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about a unisex pattern with a longer torso. For once, I have no need to do math to adjust a pattern and figure out how much extra yarn I will need 🙂

  • I would like the opportunity to purchase the Field guide with Arne and Carlos designs…I knit to many historical items to keep getting new patterns multiple times per year…but adore Arne and Carlos

  • Thank you Kay for always answering forthrightly. I love the Field Guides but I get knitting project ideas from all kinds of sources. I really appreciate everything MDK does and hopes to do. Keep up the great work!!