MDK Atlas: Shifting Gauge

January 20, 2023

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  • That was really interesting!

  • Really interesting AND so timely for o! I’m working out a shifting gauge issue with a yarn that’s new to me this week. So far, I haven’t found the “sweet spot,” but this gives me some good ideas and hope! Many thanks!

    • Knowing how to shift gauge correctly is an art every Crafter needs to accomplish.

  • Are the gauges per 4 inch swatch?

    • Great information-thank you so much. I just ordered my first couple of skeins of Atlas!

  • There is a typo in gauge description: 18 sts per inch is not correct. The samples are most likely 4 inches, yielding 4 1/2 sts per inch.

    • You are 100% right, we’ll correct it. Thank you for your eagle eye!

  • As always, you share so much great information.
    I’m wrestling with the drapey vs. durable question right now…

  • Thank you for answering some of my gauge issues and for confirming others (why I occasionally like some of those drapey/blurry gauges).

  • At a worsted weight, wouldn’t the gauge be more like 16 stitches to 4 inches? Just sayin’.

  • My kind of article! Starting any project, I’m up and down needle sizes, in pattern, usually preferring a lighter feel and look. But Sophie Scarf brought me right back to 7s – 9s made the subtle color shifts in Malabrigo almost garish, stripey. Every quality in a yarn, even color, is affected by gauge. Thank you, Jillian!

  • Ooh, Atlas looks yummy in lace! It never occurred to me to try it.

  • Just curious, what needle sizes did you use for the swatches?

  • Loving yarn-I-tec-ture and happy to find you here!!

  • I tend to like a denser fabric. It sometimes is not a good choice. I don’t want a garment that can stand up on its own. I aspire to trying a loose gauge for something

  • Thanks for another great column! Now I am wondering, what needle size and gauge is Kay using for her Sophie scarves? The Sophie pattern calls for a much lighter weight yarn and #4 needles. I knitted one with a worsted weight wool on #7s and it lacks the drape needed (yes, I know, I skipped the swatch, otherwise I would have moved up one more needle size). With Atlas, perhaps it would come out just right? In other words, does gauge shifting work the same way when substituting for a tighter gauge? With fewer stitches per inch, do you need to modify the increases to maintain a good width for the finished scarf?

  • Thank you very much for this information! I had not tried Atlas before, but your lace swatch caught my heart. That’s stunning, and I’m not a lace fan or cable fan at all.

  • this article was so v. helpful.