Freia Yarn Bombs

By Freia Fine Handpaints


The mother of all gradient hand-dyed yarn, in a jumbo wheel of 860 yards, with the most graceful color shifts we’ve ever seen. Now with delicate shades from Freia’s new watercolor range! 

Sulphur Springs
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Specs & Details

Yarn Weight
Merino Wool
Unit Weight
200 g (7.06 oz)
Yarn Length
860 yds , 786 m
20-28 sts, 28-36 rws = 4x4 in (10x10 cm)
US 3 - 7, 3.25 - 4.5 mm
1 skein

This is the yarn we knit for the sublime, subtle, sophisticated pleasure of simply watching beautiful color unfurl.

These Yarn Bombs are the same 100% merino fingering weight wool that makes the Freia Shawl Ball such a joy to knit—pure fibers, made with care. The difference here? Freia Yarn Bombs have twice as much yardage—860 yards—with color shifts that go on twice as long as the color shifts in a Shawl Ball.

The project here? A double-width version of the  Parallelogram Scarf by Cecelia Campochiaro from Field Guide No. 5: Sequences. Pick two colors of Yarn Bombs, cast on 201 stitches, then follow the pattern.

Sprout and Sandbar

The gradient shifts so slowly that you barely notice a change. Then, all of a sudden, you exclaim: “Leaf green? It’s been gray forever!” This big, lush shawl is one of the loveliest handknits we’ve ever seen. 

Meanwhile . . .

We fell hard for this Picket Fence Afghan by Julia Farwell-Clay in Field Guide No. 7: Ease—knit it up in one bomb of Squid Ink and a Neutral Zone Minikins set. See what we mean?

Here’s another idea for using Yarn Bombs: the Corrugated Wrap by Cecelia Campochiaro featured in Field Guide No. 5: Sequences. Knit with one Yarn Bomb until it runs out, then join in a second Yarn Bomb in a second colorway (or the same colorway), and go until it’s gone. The full subtlety of a Yarn Bomb comes through, and you’ll find yourself cheering when you discover that, yes, the green actually has turned blue.

Note: The color lands in different places depending on how the yarn is wound, so your Yarn Bomb may look different from our photographs. Rest assured that each Yarn Bomb has a full gradient range of color. Pull from the center if the color you’d like to start with is in the middle.