Little Lessons: Knitting Léttlopi at Loose Gauge

January 18, 2023

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  • Lovely to see your video on working with this yarn, as always very helpful and much appreciated!

  • What a joy to see Jen’s video and comments. She is always helpful and insightful! I look forward to doing a Stopover. The other two sweaters await a soak! Thank you, for bringing us Jen!

  • Thank you, Jen!! Helpful…to say the least.

  • Lovely to see Jen again! We’ve missed her!

  • Awesome to hear from Jen again! Being a Lettlopi newbie, I appreciate the explanation of how the yarn behaves. Thanks Jen and MDK for making me smarter:)

  • Welcome back, Jen! Always love your tutorials.

  • I love Jen’s calm videos. Glad to see her here again!

  • Thanks for the video Jen! And MDK 🙂

  • thank you for the great tips on what to expect from this lovely yarn!

  • Welcome, Jen! We have missed your wisdom and guidance.

  • Thank you, Jen. Your videos are always so thorough and informative!

  • It’s really lovely to see Jen again. And this little article has inspired me to give lettlopi a go for one of my next projects 😀

  • The versatility of Icelandic wool has always boggled my mind. I purchase roving for Deop Spindling at Rhinebeck every year and I order the Istex yarn directly from Iceland in jumper+ quantities. Knitting my Daytripper in larger needles reminded me that when next I order I will have to get a stash of Einband to make inner layering vests for extra warmth. I used 2.5mm needles to swatch for that. Now I have to work out the logistics of the armhole maths and figure how to go on from there. Designing is brainwork so I always support designers by purchasing their PDF’s and I am really, really loving these Field Guides. They are chock full of goodies

  • Great to see you, Jen! Your videos give me so much confidence.

  • Yay! I’m knitting the Daytripper for February.

  • Welcome back, Jen!

  • So happy to see you, Jen! We’ve missed you!

  • I’ve missed you, Jen! So happy to see you again!!!

  • It’s lovely to see Jen again!