Kidsilk Haze

By Rowan


This yarn is a magical thing: kid mohair and silk combine into a weightless cloud. Legendary among knitters, in dozens of colors, Kidsilk Haze is a yarn to knit by itself, with other yarns, on a small needle or large. It is one of our favorite gauge-shifting, versatile yarns, and we are thrilled finally to bring it to you.

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Specs & Details

Yarn Weight
70% Mohair 30% Silk
Unit Weight
25 g
Yarn Length
229 yds (209 m)
18 to 25 sts = 4 inches
US Size 3 - 8 (3.25 - 5mm)
1 ball

What makes Kidsilk Haze so special?

It’s a yarn that makes the most of the fibers contained in it.

Kid mohair: extremely light and warm, with a sheen that takes dye beautifully.

Silk: strong and lustrous.

The silk stabilizes the mohair, and the mohair lends an exquisite halo to the silk. The two fibers take dye slightly differently, so the effect is sometimes tonal. And the yarn is brushed during production to make the most of the halo.

What do you mean about Kidsilk Haze being a gauge-shifter?

It’s one of the great yarns that works on a wide range of needle sizes. We’ve seen Kidsilk Haze used on the smallest needles and the largest. It is beautiful for lace and also for garments that feel impossibly light.

Carry it with another yarn?

Yes, it’s really popular these days to hold Kidsilk Haze with another yarn, allowing all sorts of color experimentation and texture fun. It doesn’t tend to affect the gauge of a pattern, because it’s so fine, but it definitely transforms a project to add the halo of kid mohair. Rowan Felted Tweed is a favorite friend for Kidsilk Haze, so beautiful together. We have a big palette available.