Wonder Clips

By Clover


These excellent little contraptions from the quilting world turn out to be the best way to keep the seams of sweaters and blankets lined up for mattress stitch, whip stitch, back stitch—however you like to sew up your hand knit projects.

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If there’s a third rail in knitting, a hot spot we must avoid touching if we don’t want to be knocked over by the blunt force of Strongly Held Opinion, it’s seaming.

But no matter your preferred seaming technique, Clover Wonder Clips help you keep it all together, stop stockinette edges from curling, and yet are easy to remove as you work.

A set of 10 will set you up if you’re a clip-as-you-go kind of seamer. But if you like to get your ducks in a looooong row, we’ve got sets of 50 too.