Akerworks Swatch Gauge

By Akerworks


When we tried out the Akerworks swatch gauge, with its transparency and its grippy little teeth to hold it in place, that was it. This is our swatch gauge now.

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Like a lot of knitters, we are creatures of habit. It takes a lot to separate us from a tool we’ve used for a long time, even if it’s a bent-up metal gauge checker that slips around on our swatch while we’re trying to count.

Why the Akerworks swatch gauge is a game changer:

It’s transparent. This means that in addition to seeing the stitches in the measurement window, you can also see the stitches beside and below the window. Now you can confidently know when you’ve got a half stitch, or even a quarter stitch, in the window.

It doesn’t slip. You place it and it stays. No more meticulous alignment of the measurement window with the exact stitch or row, only to have it slip a half stitch while you’re counting.

It lets you count rows and stitches, inches and centimeters, at the same time, thanks to the 4-inch cross-shaped window design. One side of each arm of the cross is marked in whole inch increments, with 1/4″ marks between. The opposite side is marked in whole centimeter increments. No more doubling a 2-inch stitch count to approximate the 4-inch gauge.

It’s handy. It fits in your tool bag, and will keep its shape.