Needle Felting Tools

By Clover


Maybe you’re making the Kaffe Fassett Stranded Throw from Field Guide No. 13. Maybe you want to try out that felted steek that Kay and Ann have been rattling on about for the Daytripper Cardigan or the Autumn Garden Stole.  Well, here you go. These tools give you the magical, peculiar setup that will have you felting steeks all the time. Warning: it is wicked sharp.

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We love an innovation. Felting a steek totally captured our imagination. Thanks to Alice Adams, the world now has the technique of felting a steek to secure it rather than sewing it as tradition dictates. Here’s Gretchen Funk’s post explaining everything you need to know to get your felted steeks working for you.

But wait—there’s more. Needle-felting is not just a great way to secure a steek or mend a hole, it’s a craft all its own. If you’ve been curious about the wondrous 3-dimensional objects that can be made by needle-felting bits of yarn and roving, thse tools are your gateway to a new, very pointy adventure.