Natural Cork Stitch Stoppers

By Allstitch Studio


Made in Brooklyn, New York, these natural cork stitch stoppers are functional and beautiful. They feel good and they look good.

Each set of 5 pairs is sized to fit securely on needle sizes ranging from US 0 to US 15.

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Specs & Details

Five pairs of stitch stoppers accommodating knitting needles US 0 - 15 (2mm - 10mm)

Natural cork stitch stoppers are the tool we didn’t know we needed. They perform a simple function—keeping stitches from sliding off the needles when a knitting project is at rest (or in time out)—and they perform it while looking beautiful.

Each kit contains 5 pairs of natural cork stitch stoppers in a range of sizes to fit knitting needles from US 0 to US 15 (2mm to 10mm).

The key to the flexible fit is in the oval-shaped hole—a patent-pending design to lock securely onto the needles while also adjusting to fit multiple sizes.

To use, twist the cork onto the needle until the fit is snug. Go up or down a cork size to find the fit you prefer. To remove, twist the cork off the needle.

When we saw these beautiful cork stoppers, our first question was about the sustainability of the material.  Here’s what we learned from our friends at Allstitch Studio:

Here’s the amazing thing about cork—it’s completely sustainable and renewable.

It is harvested from the bark of the cork oak without ever cutting down a tree. The bark regrows naturally, which means farmers return to the same cork trees generation after generation.

And it gets better—harvesting cork actually keeps cork forests healthy and increases their capacity to store carbon. A cork tree in the process of regrowing its bark will absorb five times more CO2 than a non-harvested tree.