Knitting on the Road: The Double-Wide

By Kay Gardiner
June 14, 2018
Don't leave home without it: the Parallelogram Scarf is a faithful (and colorful) traveling companion.

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  • Love these scarves. The color combinations are scrumptious.

  • So many patterns. I need extra arms! I look forward to seeing your completed parallelogram (also, in the future, please feel free to pass any lonely unsaleable kits on to me. I promise to love and take care of them)

  • Hi, what are the color names of the two balls of Freia Fine Handpaints Shawl Balls. One is a lavendar ombre and the other is green and blue ombre. Thanks

    • Those are Lichen and Purple Heart and they’r even more gorgeous in your hands!

      • I am asking about the colors in the 3rd picture above the one with the plastic bag. ‘Thanks 🙂

  • I haven’t cast mine on yet – I have the yarn. Now I wonder if I should pick up two more skeins to make it a wrap. I do like the idea of something wider. Hmm.

  • Oh yummy—may have to give in and buy.

  • Omigod! It’s gorgeous! ❤️❤️

  • I would totally buy the photography sample ones. Label doens’t have to be attached.

  • Fell in love with yours as you were working on it at Shakerag❤️ Can’t wait to start mine!

  • These are lovely, both single-wide and double-wide. (I went back and peeked at your first one.) And the “Go Bag of [your] dreams” is often my choice, too. I love a clever yarn bag with special pockets or other features, or even a semi-clever one, like the one I have from Jo-Ann Fabrics emblazoned with “Procrastiknitting,” but I really only have two requirements when it comes to project bags. 1) Is it clean? and 2) Is it empty? Yes and yes? Perfect!

  • Now I wish I had bought 4 balls!

    • My exact thoughts. Going to look at the choices again.

  • You’ve made good progress in this, as I remember when you started the project. Thanks for hosting the best knitting retreat ever!

  • I love the idea of the wider scarf— long skinny scarves always make me feel like I’m strangling myself! But of course I just ordered the secret preorder Knit Stars kit and only got one…Will MDK be offering just the yarn for sale rather than the yarn + pattern?

  • I have been dreaming about this pattern since the field guide came out — and trying without success to find a yarn in my stash to use for this. The introduction of the Freia yarn bombs was my undoing. I tried to ignore it sitting in my cart for two days — but it’s siren call made me click 🙂 I have a lot of work travel coming — and it appears I’m going to bang out a parallelogram instead of a sweater (which by the way would be fully supported by my stash). Ah the fickleness of project priorities…..

    • I also made a decision to bang out this parallelogram scarf…I started it last week since I thought it would take forever. It will still take forever, but since I live in the midwest and we are under the polar vortex, I have lots of spare time for knitting right now!! I have about 5″ finished already and the yarn is gorgeous!! What else can we make with that yarn?

  • Is there a “best way” to combine four balls? Or are you actually knitting the first two combinations and then the second two. I haven’t started at all yet. Just staring at my two-ball knit and waiting for it to speak.

  • please help! I keep starting the parallelogram scarf and end up knitting the knits instead of it being one step “off”. Is EVERY row one step off? the directions are so simple and I swear I am following the pattern, but it just won’t do right. what am I missing? I’ve torn it out after 4 rows three times already!