Freia Shawl Balls

By Freia Fine Handpaints


We’ve got a chronic case of Freia Fever. Two of these beautiful Shawl Balls will make Nancy Marchant’s gorgeous Honeycomb Scarf from MDK Field Guide No. 21: Brioche.

The Parallelogram Scarf in MDK Field Guide No. 5: Sequences has become a forever favorite. Pick two colors for playing with this great pattern by Cecelia Campochiaro.

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Specs & Details

Yarn Weight
Merino Wool
Unit Weight
3.53 oz
Yarn Length
430 yards , 393 m
The most distinctive yarns have a special air about them. We can’t quite put our finger on what exactly makes Freia Fine Handpaints so extraordinary, but we’ll try anyway.

OK, it’s actually pretty straightforward: we’re seeing the fruits of Tina Whitmore’s imagination. Her background as a photography major in college introduced her to the idea of playing with color, manipulating it, transforming it.

A rare eye for color.

Simple, unprocessed fibers.

Extra-long gradients.

A love of the unexpected.

Tina draws inspiration from pretty much every place she visits. There’s a landscape built into most of her colorways.