It’s Time! Subscribe to MDK Field Guides 2023

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
November 14, 2022

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  • Any chance of a digital only version of this great offer?

    • You took the question right out of my mind

    • Hi IndigoB and Carol! Very sorry that we don’t have a digital-only subscription at this point. We hope in the future to work that out.

      • I too only buy ebooks, for many reasons, including avoiding customs to Canada

      • I was just about to ask the question about digital only options. Now that you have answered, I am curious if the Ravelry download includes all the information in the book or just the patterns?

        • The ebook edition sold on Ravelry and also on MDK is a PDF of the full book, not just the patterns. We would hate to break up a book!

      • Good morning! While I like the digital form, I love the little guidebooks. I am actually trying to decrease digital reading if possible. It doesn’t feel organic to me.

  • No info on the topics or designers? That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • Hi Barbara! Single copies of each Field Guide will be available, as always, at the launch of each Field Guide, if you’d like to wait and see.

      • Love the field guides! Everything I’ve knit from them has become my favorite knit. Looking forward to 2023–keep the surprises coming!

  • So a subscriber will receive three books in 2023?

    • Yes.

  • My go for patterns and deaigners!

  • This is a very generous offer! Thank you! I’m looking forward to the monthly discount! I’ve enjoyed being introduced to the surprise designers. Again, thank you!

    • It’s all about the surprise for us! And as we are currently 22 Field Guides into the series, we hope our track record is reassuring. Thank you for subscribing!

  • Love the Field Guides. Only knitting publication I subscribe to. So fun to see who the designers will be!!! Thank you for your great quality and just plain fun!

    • Thank you, Linda, the fun of making the Field Guides is such a big part of our lives at this point. The perennial questions: Who’s next? What’s next? What would be fun?

  • As I understand, we Canadians cannot order from MDK. Duties, taxes and shipping costs make it too expensive. Anything you can do about this?

    • Yes we can order from MDK, except to subscribe to the Field Guides. Maybe other exceptions but I haven’t noticed. The postal costs and customs are beyond the control of MDK. I have ordered yarns, service is quick, packaging excellent, USPS then Canada Post deliver promptly. Yarns and books aren’t dutiable, which is good.

  • What’s in the Field Guides?

  • Are the subscriptions available for/in Canada?

  • Just signed up for 2023! I love the field guides, especially the brioche one. Hoping for a boost to my knitting skills next year. Keep the field guides coming! How about one on double knitting?