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Dear everybody,

It is time. This is your opportunity to lock in mailbox fun for 2023, support your favorite online knitting destination, and enjoy discounted shopping in the MDK Shop all year long. Plus: a special holiday price!

If all these benefits make you think that subscribing to the Field Guides is really important to MDK, you are 100 percent correct.

The Field Guides are the heartbeat of MDK. Through this series of little books, we bring you great designers and patterns that provide fun and surprise for you.

It only takes a moment to subscribe, right here

Because the Field Guides are so vital to MDK, we stretch to make our subscription offer as juicy as possible.

New! A discount on every single purchase

As a 2023 Field Guides subscriber, you’ll enjoy a 10 percent discount in the MDK shop. 

All year long.

For just about everything in the MDK Shop. (The only exceptions are items that are already discounted.)

We hope you’ll think first of MDK as your online yarn shop. Look to us first whenever you’re planning a new project or in search of yarns, tools, bags, or gifts. 

How it works: On the first Monday of each month, you’ll receive a subscribers-only email with a coupon code for 10 percent off all full-price merchandise. Use it as often as you like! The subscriber coupon code is non-transferable, cannot be combined with other offers, or applied to previous purchases, or events.

Subscribe right here.

Subscribers are first!

  • First shopping. Before the launch of each Field Guide, we open shopping first to subscribers. 
  • First look. You’ll receive an instant download link for the ebook, for first access before launch date.
  • First registration. To MDK workshops, gatherings, retreats—the special events that sell out fast.
  • First access. When we have a sale or an offering that’s in limited supply, you’ll be the first to know.

Print plus ebook editions

You’ll receive three beautiful new Field Guides in 2023, starring designers we admire for their exquisite design skills and high spirits. 

Your subscription includes both print and ebook editions—a free digital download at Ravelry. Your unique download code is on the inside back cover. 

Thank you so much!

Subscribing now is an excellent way to support MDK’s free daily content and the team who make MDK a vibrant destination.

Quality costs money, and that’s a fact. Subscriptions are the single biggest source of funding for MDK.

We’re grateful to all the knitters who help keep us going in these times by subscribing and shopping with us. We are honored by your trust and we work hard to earn it. 

To sign up for your 2023 Field Guide subscription, click here

So much fun ahead! It’s going to be a year of gorgeous knitting, and we hope you’ll join us.


Ann and Kay

P.S. We’d love it if you’d help us get the word out about the MDK Field Guides. Please share this post with a knitting friend who might appreciate getting fun knitting mail in 2023.


  • Any chance of a digital only version of this great offer?

    • Hi IndigoB and Carol! Very sorry that we don’t have a digital-only subscription at this point. We hope in the future to work that out.

      • Good morning! While I like the digital form, I love the little guidebooks. I am actually trying to decrease digital reading if possible. It doesn’t feel organic to me.

      • I was just about to ask the question about digital only options. Now that you have answered, I am curious if the Ravelry download includes all the information in the book or just the patterns?

        • The ebook edition sold on Ravelry and also on MDK is a PDF of the full book, not just the patterns. We would hate to break up a book!

      • I too only buy ebooks, for many reasons, including avoiding customs to Canada

    • You took the question right out of my mind

  • No info on the topics or designers? That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • Arne and Carlos are coming!

    • Hi Barbara! Single copies of each Field Guide will be available, as always, at the launch of each Field Guide, if you’d like to wait and see.

      • Love the field guides! Everything I’ve knit from them has become my favorite knit. Looking forward to 2023–keep the surprises coming!

  • So a subscriber will receive three books in 2023?

    • Yes.

  • My go for patterns and deaigners!

  • This is a very generous offer! Thank you! I’m looking forward to the monthly discount! I’ve enjoyed being introduced to the surprise designers. Again, thank you!

    • It’s all about the surprise for us! And as we are currently 22 Field Guides into the series, we hope our track record is reassuring. Thank you for subscribing!

  • Love the Field Guides. Only knitting publication I subscribe to. So fun to see who the designers will be!!! Thank you for your great quality and just plain fun!

    • Thank you, Linda, the fun of making the Field Guides is such a big part of our lives at this point. The perennial questions: Who’s next? What’s next? What would be fun?

  • As I understand, we Canadians cannot order from MDK. Duties, taxes and shipping costs make it too expensive. Anything you can do about this?

    • Yes we can order from MDK, except to subscribe to the Field Guides. Maybe other exceptions but I haven’t noticed. The postal costs and customs are beyond the control of MDK. I have ordered yarns, service is quick, packaging excellent, USPS then Canada Post deliver promptly. Yarns and books aren’t dutiable, which is good.

  • What’s in the Field Guides?

  • Are the subscriptions available for/in Canada?

  • Just signed up for 2023! I love the field guides, especially the brioche one. Hoping for a boost to my knitting skills next year. Keep the field guides coming! How about one on double knitting?

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