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Dear knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday!

We’re still chasing our dream of an empty warehouse before inventory time, and that’s excellent news for you:

It means one final weekend for our Year End Sale, where you’ll find savings of up to 50% on beautiful things we love—exuberantly. (The kit above, on sale, is luxurious Woolfolk Tynd + Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s Shima Shima pattern. Glorious.)

To get your own year off to an exuberant start, subscribe to the MDK Field Guides for 2024—so many benefits, including our undying gratitude for supporting everything that MDK does.

Meanwhile . . .

We had a big time on MDK this week.

We started the year as we mean to go on, with two sparkly new contributors: Jessica Caldwell and Paul Haesemeyer. Give them a warm welcome.

A new knitter is born—and discovers a teacher in her phone.

Come for the famous mittens, stay for the nonstop coffee and cake: A Knitter’s Weekend in Riga, Latvia.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a knitter in possession of a week off work is going to knit herself a fancy new sweater.

A convalescing knitter needs a pattern that has healing powers.

A knitter needs a lot of high-quality entertainment, but this is ridiculous: 372 Knit to Thises. (You’re welcome.)

As ever, we thank you all for supporting MDK through thick and thin. Every morning, we bring the best writers, teachers, and knitting to you, free of charge. This is only possible because of your purchases from the MDK Shop—thank you!

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a prompt personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

New Markdowns on Great Things

Head over to our Year End Sale, where you’ll find savings of up to 50% on beautiful things we love, for knitters and non-knitters. Going fast, many things sold out, but hey—you’re a savvy shopper, right?

Erika Knight’s Pop and Treacle kit, for example. A baby you know needs you to make this for them.

Support What You Love

This is the time of year when we ask you to support all the free daily fun at MDK—including everybody’s favorite pajama read, Snippets—by subscribing to the three MDK Field Guides we will publish in 2024. More benefits than ever for 2024 subscribers. Subscribe here. And thank you!

The Best Gear

The perfect mending tin for stitching in a pinch. Gingher Embroidery Scissors, with a leather cover to protect the wicked sharp blades. And our tried and true Akerworks Swatch Gauge—the grippy teeth are everything here.

Delight the New Knitter

This is the time of year when we hear from folks who are shopping for the new knitters in their lives. What would a new knitter like?

Skill Set Box of Joy. Our all-in-one dream box has everything a new knitter needs to get started: perfect yarn, excellent tools, and our concise book, Skill Set: Beginning Knitting.

Field Guide Collection. Our ultimate rabbit hole of inspiration. Every single Field Guide, all 25 of them. On sale right now—an amazing 58% off the price if purchased separately. Only a few left.

2024: Start a Journal

With a brand-new year cruising into view, we’re thrilled to recommend the online course that made keeping a journal a joyful mainstay of our lives: Felicity Ford’s self-paced bullet journaling course. Use MDK’s affiliate link and this code: MODERNDAILYKNITSONIK— to enroll for 10 percent off! (Thanks, Felix!)

Meet Felix! Join Us on January 11, 2024 on Zoom

You’re cordially invited to a free Zoom event on January 11, 2024, here at noon eastern time. Our special guest will be Felix Ford, and the main event will be Felix leading us through a fun journaling prompt.

What do you need to bring? A sheet of paper, a writing implement, and any extras that would add to your fun.

Those Pencils

Paging MacGyver: everybody needs an emergency knitting needle now and then! We still have a few of those cute MDK Pencil Bundles, the perfect order add-on.


  • Have subscribed to the Field Guides. Looking forward to the coming year! Although I am not a blanket/large shawl knitter just have to weigh in on how stunning Olga’s Shimma Shimma pattern is in Brown. A whole category in itself regarding how color affects us. I had no interest in it at all in blue. Hope to see a lot of these – in Brown – on Ravelry! Chloe

  • I’m doing the knitsonik course and highly recommend! Hope to join you on the zoom. Thanks!

  • I love getting Snippets, but bring back the bodkin! It’s such a glorious word, so much better than a darning needle, and I’m not darning, and so much better than a tapestry needle when I’m not working on a tapestry. Revive the bodkin!

  • I purchased the Shima Shima and love the yarn and the pattern. I whipped through the first two sections and can’t figure out how to follow the directions successfully to stitch them together. I saw a question about this in The Lounge as well. There aren’t diagrams, just written directions which are not clear to me (I’m very visual and not intuitive). I am sure it is very simple and very clever, but I can’t figure it out and looking at the projects on Ravelry hasn’t assisted me. Would Olga consider writing an article here to explain her clever joining? Or could someone who understands these things better than me explain it? I love the pattern and want to join the sections and keep on going! Thank you!

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