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Dear Kay,

A week at home. The slowest time. The lads were in town, one from LA and the other from New York, and we didn’t really have any plans to speak of. We watched movies. We fixed a Christmas Eve supper, just the four of us. We walked the neighborhood and discovered the residents of Medial Avenue all consorted to make their street an endless parade of the exact same giant blow-up Santa.

Like, Santas as far as the eye could see. We thought this was fantastic.

We opened presents, which have become so simple that nobody needed any AA batteries. Lads in their twenties are really different from small fry.

Yay Santas and everything!

As for knitting, good grief I knitted.

I knitted almost the entirety of the Bawi Sweater by Aegyoknit, with the Camellia Fiber Co. yarn I got from Silbia Ro at our Holiday Open House.

I’ll get pix of me wearing this thing—what looks like a really wide pod sweater turns into a perfect drape, thanks to short rows and clever proportions. I feel like the coziest million bucks in this, can’t wait to finish.

This is Silbia’s new base, Sōm Aran. It is everything: a chainette construction, in baby alpaca and pima cotton, truly the softest yarn I’ve used in ages. There’s also her whisper of a yarn, Fuzzy Yak Lace, in this, held along with the Sōm Aran.

The collar folds in half. Gotta stitch it in place.

There was even more knitting last week, will save that for another day. What did you make during the quiet week?




  • Whoa! I love that sweater, AND both those yarns! I’ve been working on two pairs of made-up mittens: one that I’m making with a slit (not a flip top) and the other a double knit with a two color pattern. I had to work all week and help my mom pack to move so didn’t have as much time as I would like to knit, but I’m getting there!

    • What a cool idea…making a slit instead of flip top!

      Hope your mother’s move went well

      • I forgot to say, I’ve been on a fingerless mitts kick. Finished a pair in Knit Picks High Desert Rabbitbrush, a really nice buttery yellow. Have to bury tails and wash. Started another pair in a burgundy worsted wt alpaca that I’ve had for many years. This pair has cables and they are showing up beautifully.

        And the simplicity of the Santas is very appealing.

    • Oh that’s brilliant! A slit is much less bulky than a flip top.

    • That looks like a great sweater! I started on my Cottage Throw. I’m on the second panel and my stitches are getting a little better, so progress!

      • Beautiful sweater

      • I am on panel two also . I love the colors.

  • I’m warming up with a quick knit to accompany me to a family wedding in L.A. this weekend— my second pair of Nell Ziroli’s Saki Clog Socks. But when I get back, I’m all set to start Andrea Mowry’s Find Your Fade shawl. Yippee!

    • Beautiful sweater.

    • You will absolutely love, love love the find Find Your Fade shawl!

  • Those Santa’s! I knitted and assembled a blue elephant — an old pattern Franklin Habit brought back to life. I’ve never seen my husband so delighted with something I knit — his reaction was priceless! I’ve posted photos in the Lounge for anyone who wants a peak.

  • hi where can u purchase the pattern?

    • Hi, Lucille – if you follow the Bawi link in the story, it’ll take you to Ravelry, which then has a link to the pattern website. You’ll have to brush up on your dollars to kroner skills.

      • thank you so much
        I apologize for the duplicate request

  • I do love that sweater.

    Last week I started on Joji’s Fancy Beanie from the Grace field guide. I am knitting it for my granddaughter’s 12th birthday, in Neighborhood Fibers Siri Loft. My first stranded color work hat. Love the feel of this yarn.

    Perhaps she will wear it.

  • Very interesting and cool sweater. I’m on the first sleeve of a Simple Sweater for my 3-y/o grandson who, after seeing me knit skirts, dresses and sweaters for his sister and cousins, requested I knit him a sweater. I took him to the yarn store for his first visit there and let him pick out the colors, which turned out to be his three favorites: blue, green and orange. So, striped yoke in all three, then half the body in green and half in blue and orange sleeves. And I’ve learned the hard way to use washable yarns for working family items.

    • That is beyond sweet taking him to the yarn store. My grandson is 2 and 2 months but I can see me doing that. All I have to do is learn how to finish s project.

  • Gorgeous sweater! I like the collar as is (though folded over is nice too). Adding it to my projects list!

    I’m finishing up the Felix cardigan. Such a nice knit. 🙂

  • I am really looking forward to seeing you model this one!

  • I love the shape of that sweater. Can’t wait to see a modeled photo!

    Happy new year!

  • I finished some mittens that were started over 10 years ago made out of silk hankies. I realized the reason I stopped mid mitten was because the needles were the same color as the yarn. What a headache. Changed my needles and they flew.

  • Oh those lads and the different ages!
    The week after Christmas was anything but quiet with three grands under 6! And talk about batteries!!! I suggested rechargeable and my almost 5 grandson told me those don’t hold long enough for remote controlled racers!!! Besides we would have to have had those plugged into every outlet in the house!!! Thankfully the eldest knew a store to take old batteries and reminded me not to put them in the trash and Grandpa got to use his battery tester gifted to him from 3 years ago. A lot!! I was just thankful the grands didn’t balk at their new savings books and clothes. And we all enjoyed their new telescopes and microscopes. And those are rechargeable— I made sure!!! I’ll get a scientist out of these three yet!! One that might solve this battery problem!

    Now this week is our quiet week. Back home the melancholy seeps in and my worn out newly 70 year old body begins to relax. And I miss it all so very much but there is a new shawl to begin and a mitten needs a new mate and there is a sweater started for a birthday girl in February. And a cup of something warm that I can actually finish while it’s warm uninterrupted!!

    I do need to tell my son about that Santa decorating idea!! Can’t wait to do it all again next year!!!

  • Finished a sweater. Knitted a cowl, pair of mitts, two winter headbands and one hat.
    Felt productive!
    Most accompanied by binge watching something …

  • I love this sweater! You have a great family.

  • Great pattern with gorgeous yarn, I spent a long time on the designer’s website, beautiful options. Such a lovely family photo, thanks for sharing. Those Santas!

  • PS; I started the Uoma Sweater by Leeni Hoimela which I’ve made before with home dyed indigo yarn and sold it at a Maker’s Market. So now I’m knitting another which I plan to keep, I love the pattern.

  • I am finishing the last National Park beanie for my family — they all chose their favorite park and I knit them as their winter thing gifts. Then, finally, I get to cast on the patterns from the Botanica field guide and knit something for me!

  • Such a great family photo! Glad the lads are well. I also love the sweater. I have 4 skeins of Camellia yarn in my stash gotten at the excellent Hearts on Fibre yarn store in Davidson, NC. Can’t remember the base but am looking forward to turning them into something lovely this year.

  • My Christmas gift was getting COVID. So it put me in a chair and I knitted my Vanilla Sweater using Rauma Finullgarn yarn and listened to audio book Fourth Wing (whoa a fantasy with some very hot scenes!). BUT how did you get a whole sweater done? I still have sleeves and neckline to do. So admiring of your knitting skills. Beautiful sweater!

  • I love the Santa in the background. Great picture of your family. My husband and I are recovering from Covid, so we should be close to celebrating the holiday with family in about a week. I’m catching up on some UFOs and I started a pique rib stitch pattern scarf in a colorful Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. Since there are lots of football games, NFL and college, to watch, I’m getting in some time to knit while watching.
    Stay well everyone in 2024!!

  • I knit socks and mittens all the time.

  • Happy New Year! Glad that both your boys were home. Also glad to see another street doing the big Santa thing; our street in Toronto has been doing it for at least ten years now. It is a labour of love; the road gets so busy that we have trouble getting out of the driveways. Your sweater is beautiful. I am knitting a cardigan for my 5 year old granddaughter; she announced that she “needed” a pink sweater and could I knit it on the weekend before Christmas! I promised it will be done by mid-January. I am a slow knitter but it is a straightforward pattern, so won’t be a problem.

  • I am finally making a Sophie Scarf with a wool/silk blend from Blue Sky. But, more importantly, I brought new knitting supplies to teach our hostess in Virginia how to knit! We did not have a ton of time for lessons, but she was getting the hang of it by the time we left and I had a list of YouTube links for her. Unsurprisingly, Franklin Habit’s tutorial on how to knit continental style (how I knit) was the best I found.

  • What a great family picture! Oh my, the boys are grown up young men! No Santas on my street that I can see, but I have been crocheting some last minute gifts. Just finished two doll blankets for my high school friend’s granddaughters. Now I just need to start a bonnet for their baby sister. Ann, I can hardly wait to see your sweater with the finished collar. I guess we’ve all been busy making things the last few weeks. Knit on! ❤

  • Oh, goodness! I do like that sweater. I’m looking forward to seeing it finished! I just finished the Counterpane Pullover. It’s frustrated me a bit, because no matter how much I blocked it, it just won’t lay flat. I’m hoping it won’t look too crazy on. It was made in eight triangles, each section of which is finished differently, depending on where it will go in the finished sweater. Most knitting makes me very happy, and this just didn’t. I’m starting a dinosaur fair isle next, which I hope makes me very, very happy.

  • Please tell me how to get the pattern

    • Hi, Lucille- we answered you upthread, so just scroll up a bit!

  • Family togetherness ( a la your grand photo) filled the holidays. We traveled from east coast to south coast to west coast and in reverse bringing Mom (93 and still teaching math!) to our son’s. Lots of Gnoahs and Gnaomis for gifting and working on a red and gold vest requested by my son for the Catan games. It is progressing and should be ready for a winner to wear soon. So many projects in the queue: a poncho for the 9 year old granddaughter, a cardigan for the son, pop- top fingerless gloves incorporating color work from Field Guide 25 Botanical… I am ready for a few snow days this winter.

  • So glad you had your whole fambly together! The lads are quite grown up.

    I (almost) finished knitting a new scarfy/shawly thing; I just need to bind off. I couldn’t decide which bind off to use on New Year’s Eve (in church). Then New Year’s Day we went with the (grown) kids to visit a giant troll (Ole Bolle) at the Nordia Center here. Whimsy abounds.

    Happy new year to both you and Kay!

  • In the quiet week I finished up an easy little Barbie pink shawl so I could start Free Your Fade on New Years Day with some colorful yarn from Hedgehog Fibers. Still cranking on a Log Cabin Afghan which may or may not be finished before spring, depending on how big it gets by then, and when I get tired of it.

  • I love seeing your family photos. Your shared holiday sounded peaceful and full of love.
    I, too, look forward to seeing your sweater on you. It looks cozy and perfect for wearing anywhere, anytime.
    The Santa neighborhood looks wonderful and such a splendid idea! I miss the neighborhood companionship where I am now.
    Happy New Year to the whole MDK family. You are light!

  • Still cranking out gnomes! My family and I love them, and I am now practicing new skills as I knit the hats. So much fun! I love trying new skills (ombre, helical knitting), and if it doesn’t work out, nobody cares since it’s still a very cute gnome! “It adds to the whimsy,” is my favorite quote from Sarah’s class. I’ve knit 30 so far – a sweater’s worth!

  • “quiet week”. I spent finishing knitted newborn hats I had started. I make them for a charity called Birthright. They are so sweet. I always have several going for between projects. I also looked on line for my next project. QUIET TIME IS NY MOST FAVORITE TIME.

  • Wow! This sweater is Beautiful! It looks so warm & cozy. My dream is to knit a sweater a raglan sweater. Being very new at knitting this sweater you have made is so dreamy!

  • Love this sweater. Simple but beautiful. I’ve been busy making fingerless gloves for friends. A simple pattern I made up.. I made the first pair for my mom when she was in a nursing home several years ago. 34 sts. Knit 2 purl 2 until desired length. Sew up seam leaving opening for thumb. Now on to a knitting a baby blanket.

  • I started the LENU hood. I am using double strands of Qiviuk Majestic Blend I bought for another pattern but didn’t like the way it was knitting up. So far it has been very satisfying to work on.

  • Love the color and the shape of sweater. Haven’t gotten brave to knit a sweater yet.

  • Lovely sweater and story!

  • A scarf for my daughter!!!

  • I made hats for an old age home.
    Very rewarding, it fills that empty space inside me when I give.
    I’m going through a rough patch at the moment so knitting has helped, grateful!!!

    Hugs from South Africa

  • I’m in process of knitting a scarf

  • I knitted two of nine hats that I will be knitting for my sister’s grandchildren. For Christmas I gave them plain paper and colored pencils. I asked them to draw a picture of the type of hat they would want and then to color it in. I gave them each a swatch of about 50 pieces of yarn samples that I have. I’m only using natural fiber and it felt wonderful in my hands. I’m so happy with the colors they chose, but I haven’t started on that Pikachu hat!

  • Fun reading!
    I cooked up a new hat for the school run and 2 cowls. Thats all.
    Your yarns sound amazing to knit with.

  • Looks great!

  • Your work is beautiful, I knit for the needy & homeless. Always have something on my needles.I am 86 nd get around by wheelchair. Once again love your work and pattern.

  • It’s little short waisted for my taste or maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

  • We also have a lad on each coast! It is so rare to get them all together these days. So nice when that happens.

  • Am knitting in miniature proportions… six year old granddaughter put in an order for a hat, sweater, scarf and mittens for her stuffy dog. When we watched a Xmas movie, she said”keep knitting Grammy “.Time to teach her how to knit……

  • Will it be a completely reversable sweater? It appears, to me, at least, that it could be, and then it would be two sweaters made at the same time, without the possibility of twisting yarns.

  • I love having a quiet week and how great to have your lads home for the holidays! I have three lads, two married with kiddos and one single….just love having them all around. We have a darling street here in Madison, Monroe St, and with the encouragement of two local fellows living on this street, blow up Santa’s popped up all over the place….it was just the best! I love the sweater you’re making and look forward to seeing it finished! I’m starting on my very first sweater for myself and I’m cautiously optimistic that it will be as wonderful as the picture shows it to be

  • Hi. I purchased the pattern! Can you help me with the yards I need to buy for the small size?
    The pattern only lists the requirement in grams (700gms) that would be 14 skeins!! (The Som Aran comes in 50gm skeins.)
    I hope this isn’t right- cost prohibitive if true.

  • I spent the month of December house sitting for two weeks, then slowly road tripping through the Central Valley in California. So I had several quiet weeks in the Bay Area, Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Seafood, good wine and four knitting projects. Also, yarn stores and visits to a couple of awesome charity shops. Now back to routine. But, since I’m lucky enough to be retired, I have a lot of quiet weeks! I’m with you on the Santa thing! We have a nearby community that does several streets at Christmas time…each with a particular theme. The police direct traffic during the holidays because so many people drive through. What fun! Thanks for sharing your handsome family and that beautiful sweater!!

  • Knitmas is my favourite season!

  • Cozy cozy cozy sweater! Love it.

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