Watercolor Kit

By Modern Daily Knitting


Stunning color saturation meet eminent portability.  We’ve bundled Viviva Colorsheets—in a palette curated just for us—with a pencil by Tennessee’s own Musgrave Pencil Company, a water-fillable brush, plus a Khadi watercolor sketchbook, and tucked them in a ready-to-go drawstring bag. Perfect for gift-giving. Pair it with Painting Calm.


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See Viviva Colorsheets in action here. From Viviva’s founders Aditya and Rohan:

They’re watercolors yes, but unlike anything you’ve seen before. They are designed with just one purpose in mind: to get you creating again. Viviva Colorsheets are watercolors reimagined for the modern day schedule. We made them to get you creating again. They’re fun, crazy vibrant and ridiculously convenient.