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Dear knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday!

Are you wandering around the house in a hot chocolate-induced haze? We sure hope so! We’ve got our feet up, with no plans to budge except for a glass of bubbles to ring in the New Year.

While you’re relaxing, we invite you to take a peek at our epic Year End Sale, where you’ll find savings of up to 50% on things we absolutely love.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has let us know that MDK is an important part of their knitting life. Thank you for keeping us going by shopping with us—we appreciate your support more than we can say.

Here’s an easy way to show the love: subscribe to the MDK Field Guides for 2024—so many benefits, and special holiday pricing that ends on January 1!

Meanwhile . . .

We had a big time on MDK this week.

What we got in our stockings: the Beatles’ 1963 Christmas record for their fan club. We were too young then, but we’re lifetime members now.

Ever think about packing your knitting in a camper van and roaming the backroads? Judy Nichols is doing just that. 

Samantha Brunson asked Instagram for crafty resolutions for the new year, and boy did folks deliver.

All things must pass, including our super special holiday price for subscribing to the MDK Field Guides of 2024. Future you will be so happy to get mailbox joy throughout next year, and you’ll be supporting MDK the whole year through. (Thank you!)

Long, easeful rows, with a spicy moment of colorwork: that’s Kay’s Blossom Stripe Shawl.

DG’s Knit to This: the perfect movie for the holidays.

As we head into a brand-new year, we thank you all for supporting MDK throughout 2023. With knitting, there is never a shortage of joy to share, so we’re excited about all the fun ahead in 2024.

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a prompt personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

New Markdowns on Great Things

Head over to our Year End Sale, where you’ll find savings of up to 50% on beautiful things we love, for knitters and non-knitters. We’ve just added a few new things, and increased the savings on some of our favorites this year.

Erika Knight’s Pop and Treacle kit, for example. A baby you know needs you to make this for them.

Savings on Our Bags

It’s 40% off: The Recoleta Bag. Joji and Co.’s cute tote, just the right size. In 5 chic colors. 

See all our bags here. There’s one waiting for you.

Support What You Love

Lowest price now until January 1! This is the time of year when we ask you to support all the free daily fun at MDK—including everybody’s favorite pajama read, Snippets—by subscribing to the three MDK Field Guides we will publish in 2024.

Subscribers are the wind beneath MDK’s wings, and to show our gratitude, we’ve added more benefits for 2024 subscribers. And our special holiday shop subscription price makes this an easy decision. Subscribe here. And thank you!

The Best Gear

The perfect mending tin for stitching in a pinch. Gingher Embroidery Scissors, with a leather cover to protect the wicked sharp blades. And our tried and true Akerworks Swatch Gauge—the grippy teeth are everything here.

Delight the New Knitter

This is the time of year when we hear from folks who are shopping for the new knitters in their lives. What would a new knitter like?

Skill Set Box of Joy. Our all-in-one dream box has everything a new knitter needs to get started: perfect yarn, excellent tools, and our concise book, Skill Set: Beginning Knitting.

Field Guide Collection. Our ultimate rabbit hole of inspiration. Every single Field Guide, all 25 of them. On sale right now—an amazing 58% off the price if purchased separately. Offer ends January 1.

2024: Start a Journal

With a brand-new year cruising into view, we’re thrilled to recommend the online course that made keeping a journal a joyful mainstay of our lives: Felicity Ford’s self-paced bullet journaling course. Use MDK’s affiliate link and this code: MODERNDAILYKNITSONIK— to enroll for 10 percent off! (Thanks, Felix!)

Meet Felix! Join Us on January 11, 2024 on Zoom

You’re cordially invited to a free Zoom event on January 11, 2024, at noon eastern time. Our special guest will be Felix Ford, and the main event will be Felix leading us through a fun journaling prompt.

Sign up here, and mark your calendar. On the day of the event, we’ll email you a reminder and the Zoom link.

What do you need to bring? A sheet of paper, a writing implement, and any extras that would add to your fun.

Those Pencils

Paging MacGyver: everybody needs an emergency knitting needle now and then! We still have a few of those cute MDK Pencil Bundles, the perfect order add-on.


  • Just before Christmas, my daughter-in-law asked for advice about learning to knit. She lives across the country (and they weren’t coming home for the holidays) so of course I offered to be available for any questions — and I sent her a Skill Set Box of Joy! It arrived the day after Christmas, and she sent me a photo of her first project a day later — a little catnip toy from a recent Knitty magazine. It really was a box of joy — to me, to her, and probably to Tony and Cinda, their cats.

    Highly recommend. Also, I just managed to get the sale price with subscriber’s early access. Happy New Year everyone!

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