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Dear all,

We’ll be quick because there’s still chocolate to eat. Two things, each very fun and very important.

Thing 1: Subscribe now to MDK Field Guides 2024

Our Very Best Ultra Great Rate is available right now—It’s $60 until January 1, when the price increases. Subscribe right here.

You get:

Three brand-new Field Guides in your mailbox in 2024. Shipping included.

Three ebook editions of those Field Guides.

10% off every full-price purchase in 2024. You’ll receive a monthly subscriber coupon code to use as often as you like.

New this year: 10% off MDK events, both virtual and in person.

First crack at all sorts of things: new yarns featured in each Field Guide, new products, sales and promotions, registration for events.

To current subscribers: We (sadly!) (alas!) do not have auto-renewals for our Field Guides subscriptions. It means you’ll need to sign up anew for 2024. Thank you for your patience with our extremely basic system.

Your subscription quite literally makes much of what we do at MDK possible. Crucial! Essential! Lost without you! Much appreciated!

If you have already renewed for 2024, we thank you so much. There’s so much beautiful knitting ahead—we can’t wait to share it all with you.

THING 2: Year End Sale Continues

Have a stroll through the sale, right here. We added a few new things before we closed up for the holiday. And we increased savings on a few things. In particular, the Recoleta Bag by Joji and Co. is now a scrumptious 35% off.

We are enjoying seeing all the permutations of things everybody is ordering. One trend we like: a big order with all sorts of yarn, tools, notions, gifts. How fun is it to get a box of beautiful knitterly wares in mail? Really fun.

Wishing you a quiet day today, with time for knitting and a nap.


Ann and Kay


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