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Dear Everybody,

It’s Christmas! If you celebrate it, or if you don’t, treat yourself on this fine December 25 to a little trip back in time to 1963, when one of us was halfway through one of the most successful kindergarten careers the world has known, and the other was a sweet little baby who looked just darling in her footie pajamas and was perfecting her pull up to a stand.

The YouTube up top is the Beatles’ 1963 Christmas record, made for their fan club. They sound giddy and happy and supremely young, in love with life. We have it on good authority that the record itself was green vinyl, and we have it on equally good authority that a few of you out there are lucky enough to have their own cherished copy. Take good care of that thing!

On behalf of Team MDK, which is at the beginning of our annual winter’s nap week, we send you our warmest wishes for a day of peace and plenty, and a year ahead full of all good things.

We’ll be back at work on January 2, and in the meantime, have you heard?

We’ve got a big sale going!

It’s huge, and it’s waiting for you. The goal: for DG to experience shock and awe when he comes in on January 2 to start shipping all the goodies out to you.

The Beatles said it best:

“We’re all dead chuffed at the way you treated us in 1963 [er, 2023]. Happy Crimble and a merry new year, especially to all the ones who paid the subscription!”

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting our dearly beloved MDK.


Ann and Kay

PS Need a little extra cheer? Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite Beatles memory will warm you right up.


  • Murphy Chris Loose to both of you and all of yours!

  • Thanks for the memories! We had a compilation album of all these Xmas messages, and their goofy riffs still warm my heart.

  • Oh, I really feel that young’uns don’t understand how wildly revolutionary in appearance and actions The Beatles were. I almost feel like weeping (in a good way) every time I see something like this….
    Have a wonderful holiday and a well deserved rest. I for one am dead chuffed you guys are here for us every day!

  • And a very Gary Crimble to you too!!

  • Thank you! What a fun way to start my morning!

  • Wow! Thanks for the memories!

  • Can it really be… all those years ago? I remember the first time I saw them on Ed Sullivan! Thanks you for the nostalgia and for bringing joy to our community every day.
    I so appreciate your willingness to step up and speak out, to help us think, enrich our lives, knit better and care about the greater good.
    Best wishes for joy the world over and to you and yours!

  • If you were really lucky this Christmas, you would have received a copy of, “In His Own Write”, by John. No flies on Frank!

  • Happy, Happy and Merry Merry to all at MDK! Here’s hoping for a better 2024 and to crow because I ordered my Field Guides today! Yay for me!

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