You’ve Got Snippets: February 4, 2023

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
February 4, 2023

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  • When I click the link to watch the video mentioned in this post it says it is private and therefore unavailable. Is there somewhere else we can view it?

    • So sorry! We’re on it! It’s not private at all in our heads! Please check back in a bit. As they say on superannoying calls to Comcast, Thank You For Your Patience! ; )

  • Same as comment #1.. couldn’t watch video because it was marked “private.”

    • Have a peek now–we unprivated it. Thanks for your patience!

  • Same concern about the link ~ I did however see the Zoom meeting but wanted to sign up for your YouTube channel ~ is it possible to do so by going directly to YouTube and searching for your channel?

    • Yes you can. Here’s the link to their channel, if it doesn’t work just search for Modern Daily Knitting.

      • Thanks for the assist, Linda! Appreciate your help.

  • I had the same problem and was also wondering how I can sign up for the youtube channel (unless it will be completely obvious once I can access the video).

    • The Subscribe button appears on our YouTube page–thank you for asking! ; )

  • Just in case anyone’s scared by the comments, the video is totally accessible at 8:45 Pacific Time (patience, or sleeping in sometimes pays off). Oh, and there’s 1.11K subscribers now — Congratulations!

  • Do you have any suggested videos for two-handed purling Fair Isle?

  • Please unsubscribe me.Thank you.