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Just reading about Nell Ziroli’s cowl modification of Joji Locatelli’s ingenious Cuatro Wrap, I wanted to make one too. As the dreamer-up of the double-wide Parallelogram and the I-Cushion Bright Bundle Field Guide No. 16 motifs mashup shawl, I do love the drama of a voluminous wrap, but a quick knit and a quick-to-style accessory that gets the softness of Atlas gathered snuggly around my neck? Yes, please.

How I modified Nell’s modification.

I went with three colors of Atlas rather than four: two skeins of Cork and one each of Mallard and Barn Red. I used all three colors in each of the triangles, but one color dominated each triangle.

The panorama view (a collage, not actually how it looked before I joined the last two triangles)

I came up with the stripe patterns on the fly, and I didn’t add texture to the RS with garter ridges. I worked I-cord edges rather than garter stitch over the last three stitches of each row and I used the increases Joji indicates in the Field Guide to form each triangle’s spine. I knit until each triangle was 159 stitches (79 stitches to each side of the spine/center stitch). I assembled the triangles alternating dominant Cork triangles with the mostly Mallard and Barn Red triangles. And I grafted to join. I love my new cowl!

More Atlas Trios for a Cuatro Cowl

Hugs for you!

Meet Atlas Hugs, Nell’s charming little hat and mitts set designed for Atlas.

A gift from Nell: Take 20% off all of Nell Knits patterns here when you enter code AtlasLove at checkout.

Plus: A Giveaway!

Win your favorite Nell Ziroli patterns!

How to enter? Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for MDK emails, right here. If you’re already signed up, you’re all set. We have a new option for texting, so when you sign up for those, you’ll get a coupon code good for 10% off your next MDK order.

Step 2: Take a look at Nell’s patterns here. Let us know which are your favorite three in the comments for a chance to win them direct to your Ravelry account.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, February 5, 2023, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

Hot off the presses!
Four fresh designs by Arne & Carlos. Time to glow!
By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

About The Author

An artist in multiple media by nature and by education, Cristina Shiffman is a knitter, sewist, potter, and photographer who also draws, paints, and dyes with natural materials. Cristina has been collaborating with MDK since 2017.


  • Moonglow Vest
    Shop Frock
    …and more!!!

  • Very difficult to narrow it down but my top three are: her Wheaten Wrap, her Saki Slippers & her Fervent Hat & Gloves

  • I’d love to try:
    Shop Frock
    Saki Lite
    Saki Sport

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Brancusi, Endeavor, and Happy Hands
    So hard to chose only 3!

  • Chai Popover, Shop Frock, & Ramble On… nice giveaway!

  • I lve them all, but best I love
    Shop Frock
    Allium Pullover

  • Atlas Hugs
    Chai Popover

  • Definitely hard to pick 3…
    Shop Frock
    Restoration Cowl and Capelet

    • Atlas Hugs
      Seesaw Tee

  • Goyard Cowl, Saki Lite, Atlas Hugs!!

  • Chai Popover
    Moonflower Vest

  • Saki Sport, Tin Roof and Crete!

  • Nell is one of my favourite designers. If I had to pick three they’d be:
    Shop Frock, Ramble On, and Moonflower Vest

    • Thank you!

  • Atlas Hugs
    Moon Flower Vest
    and something whimsical – Forever Mushroom!

  • I love Shop frock
    All my exes
    And her new vest. She has knocked that one out of the park.

    • Thanks, so much (I’m wearing mine right now!)

  • Oh, how cool! My favorites are Exit 19, Ricochet, and Arvid.

  • These are some really nice patterns. Three that caught my eye are Bezel, Sybille, and All My Exes. Thank you!

  • I would choose All My Eyes, Sophia Mitts, and Saki Sport slippers. 🙂

  • It was very hard to choose only 3, but allium pullover, gyre cowl and Sophia mitts.

  • Infinite possibilities, Chai popover, moon flower vest

  • Love the colors and design of the Double Cross hat!

  • Among many of Nell’s designs, I love the colors and the design of the Double Cross hat!

  • Lucky 13, Happy Hands, and Double Cross!

  • Love the modifications! My top 3 Nell patterns are: shop frock, tillerman and double cross

  • Shop Frock!

  • Three of Nell’s patterns? Hard to choose but I’ll go with: 1) Atlas Hugs, those mitts! 2) Shop Frock, those pockets! And 3) Camber Worsted Hat and Mitts, I am a sucker for mitts! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • It’s so difficult to pick only 3! I must start with Three Pines, because Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache. I also love the Cracker Quilt Block Blanket and the Sakis (so perfect to spice up my Boston Birkenstocks!).

  • What a difficult way to start a Sunday!
    since I only 3 choices Esmeralda, Fervent and Crete would excite me!

  • Chai Popover, Bezel, and All My Exes!

  • Ramble On, Chai Popover, & Shop Frock!

  • Sidestep poncho
    Shop frock
    Liminal Two

  • Tillerman – looks like it would be great in Atlas!
    Allium Pullover – I love the “allium” flowers in the yoke, cuffs, and bottom.
    DoubleCross – striking colorwork…but not too much!

  • Exit 19, Shutters and Eisen are my favorites. I love looking at Nell’s patterns-thank you!

  • I choose these three: Double Cross, Arvid, and Shop Frock.

  • Love the simple cheer of these patterns. Ramble On, Shop Frock and DoubleCross are singing to me this morning.

  • Double cross, Arvid, and Tied leaves

  • Wow. Who knew Nell had soooonmany patterns! Delightful! Favs are double cross hat and flute mitts and hat !,,

  • I love the stripes in Nell’s Liminal sweaters ❤️

  • Moonflower vest, Allium pullover, Shop Frock.

  • Liminal Two, Sopia mitts, Cutaway top, so hard to choose

  • Happy Hands

  • Neverita
    Sophia’s Mitts
    Whew, it was hard to choose!

  • So many to chose! Atlas Hugs, Liminal and Tillerman

  • Allium, tillerman, boomerangle- how can you not like these names and shapes?

    • Nell is quit prolific! All great designs but I especially liked Rivulet, Arvid, Eisen and Sophia mitts. See? I can’t decide!

  • Nell looks good in all her designs, and I love her yarn balls & needles tattoo! My favorites are 2 cardigans – Ramble On and Roger. I’m a sucker for stripes, so Liminal Two is on my list to knit.

  • I really like the Celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket, Happy Hands and Liminal Two.

  • Atlas Hugs, Happy Hands, Three Pines

  • So many great ones to choose from…Endeavor, Timberline Hat & the Anonima Cowl.

  • Endeavor, for sure!

  • Saki Sport

  • So many! Mac cowl, All My Exes, Atlas Hugs

  • Love the Atlas Hugs set

  • Double cross, Saki sport, and Saki clog socks are all patterns that look great for gift knitting (selfish knitting).

  • Atlas hugs, Roger, shop frock

  • Love the depth of texture in the Geodesico
    The Saki trio…clog sock, sport and lite
    And for an all summer project, the Celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket

  • Her sweaters are really strong patterns, and I would love to make so many of them! My top favs are “A Girl and Her Dog”, “Arvid”, and “Sablier”.

  • Ramble On, Hexes and Ohs, and Atlas Hugs

  • Road-trip
    Wheaton wrap
    Sparrow mitts

  • Well the Atlas Hugs are pretty darn cute. And my three other favs are:
    Allium Pullover
    Endeavor, and

  • So MANY but MoonGlow Vest, shop frock and radial

  • That Hat, Sassels and Saki Clog Sock! Although I do have enough Atlas left that I could make her new Atlas Hugs mitts to go with a hat that I gifted for Christmas…

  • I like Ramble On, Shop Frock, and Exit 19.

  • Tillerman, Bezel, SeeSaw but I love them all!

  • Nell has so many cool patterns! I’m digging the Chai Popover, Atlas Hugs, and Tillerman.

  • It’s hard to choose.
    Happy hands
    Atlas Hugs
    Luminal Two

  • As I’m into making smaller projects this year I say Atlas Hugs definitely. Love the design of crown.

  • On my to do list!

  • Endeavor
    Moonflower vest

  • Atlas hugs, Chai popover, and double cross

  • Three Pines, Infinite Possibilities, and Camber Worsted Hat & Mitts. All great patterns!

  • I like Rungs, Cheve and Atlas Hugs.

  • Chai Popover, Endeavor, and Atlas Hugs!

  • Shop Frock, Allium Pullover and
    Radial would be my choices. Such a prolific designer!

  • Chai popover
    Flute mitts
    Woodford wrap

  • What a delightful pattern browse!! Roger is for sure my #1 patttern of keen interest, and I think DoubleCross and Chevre are next on my wish list. Thank you!

    • Wait how did I forget about Atlas Hugs that started the whole conversation? Please make Atlas Hugs my #3 instead of Chevre

  • Saki Clog Socks
    Alliium Pullover
    What a nice giveaway!

  • ThreePines
    Allium….boh the pullover and cowl
    Ramble On
    …..and on and on

  • Arvid, Ramble on, Atlas Hugs

  • Moonflower

  • Moonflower vest!

  • Sercie, Atlas Hugs, and Spring Mist Cowl, but it was so hard to select only three!

  • So many lovely options! My thee choices [for which I thank you for the opportunity to WIN them] are All My Exes, Roger, and Roadtrip. I wouldn’t turn down anything in this collection, were I completely honest with all of you!

  • Love your mods Cristina!

    Crete, allium, liminal…..

  • Oh, Man! The Alium Cowl, the Moonflower Vest and Usonia sweater would be lovely in my library and on my body!

  • Atlas Hugs
    Marvelous Movies
    Beaded Eyelet Shrug(?) Green shoulder wrap

  • Shop Frock, Arvid, and Moonflower Vest all catch my eye. I love pockets!

  • Moonflower, Shop Frock and Arvid! I love pockets!

  • Tillerman, Chapin, and Moonflower Vest speak the most loudly to me!

  • Atlas Hugs, celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket, Serif – but there certainly is a lot to choose from!

  • Lovely patterns, Nell! Saki Sport and Saki Light (one piece construction!), Chai Popover, Georgie Tank are three I might make soon.

  • So many lovelies to choose from! I selected Liminal Two Variation, Endeavor and Sidestep Poncho

  • Love the patterns- narrow it down to three….
    Rasta Lightning Cowl,Entwined cowl and over the River mitrs

  • Moonflower and cutaway. I’m loving vests and sleeveless patterns lately.

  • Seesaw, Atlas Hugs and Nave.
    It was so hard to decide.

  • Shop Frock
    All My X’s

  • Radial

  • It’s so hard to make a choice! This year I’m loving cardigan and pullover designs. My top three are:
    Ramble On
    Shop Frock

  • Oh it is so difficult to choose. I am drawn to Crete, Happy Happy Birthday Hat, and Shop Frock.

  • Atlas Hugs
    Kureyon Tile Bag
    Shop Frock

    • The Kureyon Tile bag is free on my blog…

  • all the Saki socks, endeavor, shop frock and Atlas love.
    That’s more than 3….

  • Allium cowl, all my exes, sidestep poncho

  • Kureyon tile bag, Roger, and Flute hat!

    • The Kureyon Tile bag is free on my blog!

  • Endeavor, Arvid, and the Liminal Wrap.

  • Endeavor, Crete and Saki lite

  • Moonflower, Argot and Roger would be my trifecta!

  • Shop frock ( love the pockets!), All my exes and Antonina cowl.

  • Wow so many to choose! I’ll pick Roadtrip, Rivulet Shrug, and Marvelous Mobus.

  • Atlas Hugs
    Ramble On
    Three Pines

  • What a lovely bunch of patterns – my three favorites are All My Exes, Wrapped in Cables, and the Heirloom Mittens.

  • Kureyon Tile Bag, Camber Worsted Hat and Mitts and Shop Frock…..

  • There’s so many! I’ve narrowed it to these 3: Polychrome, Liminal Two, All My Exs.

  • Moonflower vest, tillerman, and sidestep poncho. maybe after my checker scarf in Atlas

  • Bezel
    and many more

  • Shop Frock

    How did I forget about Shop Frock? It looks like a perfect sweater!

    I love when Nell models her own patterns. So great.

  • I love “Argot”, “All My Exes” and “Happy Hands” !

  • Chai Popover, Radial and Arvid!

  • So hard to pick three…
    Double Cross
    Shop Frock

  • Countdown, Entwined Cowl, Llanos

  • I love so many of Nell’s patterns. In my own favorites list I found Endeavor and Eisen. To those I’ll add the Chai Popover and the Seesaw Tee.

  • Radial, Shop Frock and Usonia. So many great patterns!

  • Roger, Atlas Hugs and Straight up Tube Hat!

  • Love the color combos

  • I love many of Nell’s patterns but would be thrilled to have Atlas Hugs.

  • Sassels, Peeko & Tsumugi Scarf are three of my favs!

  • I fell in love with Endeavor when it was featured in one of MDK’s March pattern highlights so that is definitely one of my choices. Two of Nell’s accessories that I love are the Heirloom Mittens and the Burg shawl.

  • I especially love the following: Timberline hat, Arvid, straight up tube hat and Tillerman

  • Radial, Roger, and All My Exes.

  • Mansard
    Allium Pullover
    Atlas Hugs

  • Crete, Daunder, and the Moonflower vest

  • Straight Up Tube Hat

  • Dreaming of spring….chai popover

  • I really like Rasta Lightning Cowl, Saki Clog Socks, but Radial jumped straight into my queue, & I’m looking at yarn colors now (darn it, & my queue is pretty long as it is!)

  • What a fun dive in to Nell’s patterns. My picks are:
    Saki Sport

  • I like these three Nell Ziroli patterns: the Ricochet Shawl, the Argot Cowl, and the Celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket.

  • So many wonderful patterns – hard to decide but these are my favorites right now:
    Wheaten Wrap
    Wrapped in Cables
    and Fusilli for the honorable mention – love that edge!

  • Difficult choices, but I’ll go with:
    Shop Frock
    Ramble On
    Atlas Hugs

  • My 3 favorites are: Arvid (love anything Brooklyn Tweed– such a clean, elegant aesthetic), Sablier (God, I miss Twist Collective!), and Happy Hands, but Atlas Hugs comes in a close 4th (and I haven’t tried Atlas yet, but I need to).

  • Hmmm. I already have Saki Socks. So on my wishlist:
    Moonflower Vest
    Allium Pullover
    Shop Frock
    Thank you!

  • Flute! The hat and the mitts! And I can’t find it published anymore Atlas Hugs is good too! Simple stitches but put together in an elegant way!!

  • A difficult choice! My top three are Liminal Wrap, Tako, and Serif.

  • All My Exes
    Shale Nouveau

  • My 3 favorite Nell patterns are the Argot shawl, the Allium hat, and the Atlas Shugs hat set.

  • I really love her latest design, Atlas Hugs, but also love Liminal Wrap and Bezel.

  • Difficult task—I pick Shop Frock, Ramble On, and Moonflower Vest:)

  • Atlas Love, Liminal, Chai popover

  • So many great, wearable designs. Moonglow Vest is in my cart. Also eyeing Polychrome, Roger and That Hat.

  • Woodford Wrap!
    Saki Clog Socks!

  • Argot, Roger, and Saki Clog Sock!

  • Sassels!

  • I love Sessels, Chaplin, and Penance and Pennants!

  • Chai Popover, Liminal, Every Occasion Shawl

  • 1) Shop Frock — I have some Lucky Tweed just waiting for this!
    2) Endeavor
    3) Shutters
    and more…..

  • Honestly, the mitts in Atlas hugs are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • So hard to choose!
    Saki Clog Socks
    Ever Occasion Scarf

  • oooo fun — I’d try Saki Light, Cutaway, and that Infinite Possibilities!

  • Allium radial and Arvid. Oh my! So many lovely patterns.

  • How have I never noticed how many great patterns she has?!?! I am most in love with the celebratory quilt blanket, Cheve, and the Shop frock. ❤️

  • Shop frock, rhapsody hug and her newest, Atlas hugs! So hard to choose…..

  • Would love to knit- Allium (love 3/4 sleeves), Daunder & Radial patterns

  • Chai popover, moonflower vest and liminal two variation

  • Tillerman, Sidestep poncho & Happy hands

  • Rungs

  • Raked
    Saki Lite
    Saki Clog Socks

  • Shop frock❤️❤️
    Neverita ❤️❤️❤️
    Seesaw Tee ❤️❤️

  • Saki Lite socks, Crete cardi and the Atlas Hug hat and mitts are a few of my faves I would love to try!

  • At the top of my list is Liminal – I have 2 bundles of linen minis from MDK set aside to make it! I also love Moonflower and the cute little Saki clog socks

  • Flute Hat, Isle of You, and Sinead would be my top three patterns.

  • Love Nell’s designs!
    …especially – Countdown, Road Trip and Happy, Happy Birthday Hat !!!

  • Roger
    Sidestep Poncho
    Shop Frock

  • one skein rhapsody hug

  • Allium Hat – so cool!

  • Three Pines (I agree – Louise Penny is the BEST!!), Atlas Hugs, Shop Frock
    Thanks for another inspiring giveaway chance!

  • Endeavor
    Chai popover
    The Liminal tees

  • For me – it is Liminal Two, Ramble On and Moonflower Vest.

  • Shop frock, avid, and a girl and her dog

  • Atlas Hugs
    Brancusi… and so on 🙂

  • It is hard to limit to just three…
    Atlas Hugs
    Tako B
    Saki Sport

  • Shop Frock
    All my Exes (love the name of this one!!!!)
    Lucky 13

    Thank you

    knittygirl4 is my Ravelry name

  • Crete, Marvelous Moebius, and Saki Clog socks (made a BUNCH of pairs for Xmas presents!). Thanks for the giveaway

  • Atlas Hugs for sure!

  • So many to choose from!
    Flute hat, polychrome, and sassels could definitely be on my favorites list!

  • Sorry, I didn’t realize I could pick 3!

    Atlas Hugs
    Chai Popover
    Moonglow Vest

  • So much to choose from! From a quick glance, Atlas hugs, Moonflower vest and Shop Frock. Fingers crossed.

  • i love Tin Roof, Arvid, and Roll with It.

  • Was that three patterns total? Or three per page? Decisions, decisions. Ummm.
    Atlas Hugs Mitts
    Shale Neoveau
    Entwined Cowl

  • O my gosh I had no idea of the pattern awesomeness that is Nell’s Rav page. I like the talk b hat, all of the cowls, and the grater cardigan. Thank you!

  • So many neat patterns. I just bought two that I want right now. l also love the Moonflower Vest, the Shop Frock, and the Allium Pullover (maybe I can add a little pocket to that one).

  • Love all these patterns. If I have to pick just three it will be Roll With It, Sinead and Wrapped in Cables.

  • I see cardigans! My current favorite project!

  • So many beautiful patterns Nell!
    Tako (I can see why this one is a personal favorite!)

  • The Exit 19 pullover, the Roadtrip shawl and the Argot shawl. Thank you for introducing me to this designer.

  • SnowCap, Allium, Ramble On

  • Tillerman, Argot Cowl, Cheve

  • Endeavor sweater, Wrapped in Cables, Cross Hat

  • So many nice things to choose from. The ones which JUMPED at me were All my exes; Shop Frock; and Happy hands with a follow up drool for the Alium things. So many nice ones.

  • My top three: Shop frock, moonflower vest, and double cross hat. Wow….so many fabulous patterns!!

  • I’m a small-project knitter right now: Atlas Hugs, the Flute patterns, Happy Hands…

  • Crete! I need more cardigans in my life. All are lovely though.

  • 3 favorites: Roger, Esmeralda, and Ramble

  • Shop Frock
    A Girl and Her Dog

    Lots of lovely patterns!

  • I hope it’s ok that I’m knitting the Valdres Pullover sweater for the Glow kal, I’m not really a hat person, but have been looking for a stranded knitting sweater to make.

    As for Nell’s patterns too many to choose. But Endeavor, Ramble On and Argot Cowl stand out as projects I would make.

  • Three Pines: I would knit it for the two women who independently introduced me to Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache.
    Chai Popover: I love not-quite-sleeveless tops.
    Argot: Just beautiful!

  • 1.Roger (play Mr. Rogers wonderful sweater
    2. Chai Popover
    3. Sidestep Poncho
    So many to chose from!

  • Shopfrock is very nice. I also like the variety of mitts.

  • Sidestep poncho
    Shop Frock
    Exit 19

  • My three favorites are Shop Frock, Endeavor, and atlas Hugo.

  • Infinite Possibilities
    Shop Frock

  • Double Cross
    Moonflower Vest
    Chai Popover

  • So hard to choose, but: Tako B, Double Cross, and Roll With It!

  • Bezel, Alium and Radial

  • only 3???
    well, I guess I would choose
    SHop Frock
    Tin Roof

  • forever mushrooms (b/c mushrooms are forever!)
    saki clog socks (though probably will just wear as slippers)
    Celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket (might be my kff knitathon knit…)

  • Feeling like knitting some good, everyday, wearable sweaters now that I’ve retired and we’ve relocated to a beautiful home in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. So I’m looking at Arvid, Rambler and Shop Frock

  • So many beautiful patterns! My favourites are Chai pullover, Usonian, and Liminal

  • MDK Chevron Stripe Cowl

  • Moonglow vest
    Shop Frock
    One skein Rhapsody

  • Infinite Possibilities, Saki Light and Shop Frock

  • Lovely giveaway! I would be thrilled with Arvid, Celebratory Cracker Quilt Block Blanket, and DoubleCross!

  • Ramble On, Sassels and Allium Cowl are my favorites. It was hard to to pick 3, the patterns are all very attractive.

  • Endeavor, Allium Pullover, Roger and more…

  • celebratory cracker quilt
    single ruffle scarf
    a girl and her dog

  • A Girl & her Dog
    Chai Popover
    Shop Frock (has been sitting in my favorites for a while now)

  • I’m on a mission to make some more summer tops, so I am looking at Nell’s summer patterns: Liminal Two, Shop Frock, and Radial

  • Clog Socks
    Shop frock

  • ramble on, grater, hawkeye

  • That’s a tough choice, but I would have to go with Liminal Two, Allium Pullover and Bezel.

  • Ramble on, Arvid & Eisen!

  • Tillerman, allium cowl, three pines hat

  • Bezel, Exit 19 and the Ava cowl so I can make it for my granddaughter Ava!

  • I love All My Exes! I realize the name is a nod to the design, but the possibility of a different meaning cracks me up.

  • So many great patterns! Atlas Hugs, Sassels and the Alium Pullover!

  • My favorites are Daisy Sweater, Arvid & Crete. I would make Daisy right away…

  • Crete
    Marvelous Mobius
    Celebratory Cracker Quilt Blocks
    (also, thank you for the Kureyon Tile bag! free!)

  • Allium pullover, forever mushrooms and Moonflower Vest, but this was a tough choice. I’d also love to make the matching set Atlas Hugs. Don’t we all need matching sets?!!

  • Had to come back and find this post so I don’t miss out!

    Moonflower Vest
    Chai Popover

  • Tied leaves fingerless gloves, Allium and Bezel sweaters

  • Moonflower Vest, Tillerman, and Double Cross…. A lovely variety of knitted beauty!

  • Shop Frock is my favorite. (I have the pattern). Also Argot, the Saki Clog Socks, and Crete.

  • I would love
    Arvid, Ricochet and Crete. Was hard to pick with so many wonderful choices

  • .Crete
    Moonflower Vest

  • Sachi Clog Socks, Sassels, and Endeavor

  • I liked: Sablier, Radial, and Usonia.

  • Double Cross, Regent and Isle of You. Great stuff!

  • Hard to choose, but here we go:

    Liminal Two

  • Saki clog socks were in my favorites without me connecting it’s a Nell pattern! Adding plenty of others now, but listing Anonima Cowl and Atlas Hugs.

  • I like:
    Allium pullover
    Allium cowl (I see a trend)
    Exit 19


  • Shop Frock, Sophia Mitts, Exit 19

  • Arvid, Firefly and Sophia Mitts

  • Really love the Atlas Hugs set, Moonflower vest, One Skein Rhapsody shawl, Roger

  • I really like the sweater Endeavor! But there are a lot of great patterns 🙂

  • Atlas Hugs, Ramble On, annd Exit 19!

  • Tube Hat, Woodford Wrap, Sidestep Poncho

  • My 3 favorites of Nell’s patterns are : Chai pullover, Seesaw Tee, and Wheaten Shawl.

  • My 3 favorite patterns:
    Liminal Two
    Allium Pullover

  • Love the Usona and Roger sweaters, and the Pillars hat.

  • I love the Boomerangle, Sassels and the Straight Up Tube Hat patterns. So many to choose from!

  • Wow! Tough choice. I’d go for Arvid, Shop Frock and Usonia.

  • I love Nells patterns! knitted Crete, Allium Pullover and Radial already, Glad you are highlighting her work. My three picks are All My Exes, Double Cross and Seesaw Tee,

  • Three pines
    Atlas hugs
    I am having a real texture thing right

  • It’s so hard to choose just three! But I think I might go with the Celebratory Cracker Quilt, Atlas Hugs, and Eisen

  • Oh dear….it’s very hard to choose! OK, in particular order:
    Chai Popover
    Liminal Two

  • Arvid, Allium and Allium cowl. Just beautiful!

  • Since I moved to Texas, I have changed what I want to knit. My three choices are Chai Popover, Cutaway, and Eisen.

  • Lots of great ones!
    Happy hands

    To name a few

  • Cuatro cowl, heirloom mitts & over & under tank

  • Radial, argot cowl, ramble on. And probably a couple more.

  • Oooo, how fun, going through this designer’s Ravelry shop! Hard to narrow down the choices, but I would choose these for my top three:
    Shop Frock
    Ramble On
    Stilla Lace Poncho

  • Atlas Hugs, Ramble On, Saki sport

  • Shop Frock, Roger, Polychrome. Thanks for the chance!

  • I’ve always wanted to try the Liminal top, and I’ll add Endeaver and the Allium cowl. Of course there are more…

  • Just three?
    Well, I’ll go with Exit 19 (sweater), Llanos (cowl), and Isle of You (cowl) today….

  • Chai Popover

  • Cutaway
    Atlas hugs
    Chai popover

  • Chai pullover; Mac cowl; Happy Hands. Lots to choose from and limiting to 3 was hard.

  • Liminal Two, Exit 19, and Arvid. So many choices, it was hard to pick just 3!

  • Crete is a hands-down favorite. So clever. Love the seesaw tee. And a new favorite, Atlas mitts.

  • Roger, Tillerman and Sidestep Poncho

  • Marvelous Mobius
    Atlas Hugs

  • Oh, her Saki clog socks,
    Allium Pullover
    and All her exes

  • I like in snowy michigan and the atlas mits and hat would be perfect for our fluctuating weather. Thanks for the saturday snippets the always keep me motivated.

  • Tough to choose only 3….Rivulets, three pines and arvid…

  • Shop Frock – great name… and pockets!

  • I love
    the Atlas Hugs set
    the Saki Clog socks and
    the Saki Lite socks.

  • In addition to Atlas Hugs (which are adorable!), my favorites are Endeavor, Arvid and Cutaway.
    My copy of Glow has arrived and I love it! I want to dog into it but can’t until a couple other projects are finished.
    Interesting about the two-color knitting in one hand. It makes me glad I’m comfortable doing it in two.
    PS I’m looking forward to seeing you in Feb. during Knitopia!!

  • Shop Frock
    All My Exes
    Happy Hands

  • Sassel

  • Wow! The designs are so beautiful! I’m a basic beginner at knitting so I think simple designs would be my first choices but there are so many! I like Sassles because I am obsessed with tassels. The Celebratory Crackers quilt block blanket has such a lovely graphic, modern look to it and Lucky 13 because I like to make hats and love them to be colorful. Hats are so quick and useful in the Midwestern US weather. Thanks for the giveaway and the beautiful break in my day.

  • Tillerman looks like a great project.

  • Definitely Eisen. I want to make that cardigan asap! Loved viewing her designs!

  • Allium Cowl, Atlas Hugs, DoubleCross

  • So hard to choose just three!
    MDK Chevron Stripe Cowl

  • I would love to try the…
    Mac Cowl
    Happy Hands
    It’s tough to pick just 3 with so many beautiful patterns! Thank you!!

  • Thank you
    Shop Frock, Atlas Hugs, Moonflower Vest.

    • It took a while to decide…

      A Girl and Her Dog

  • It took me a while to decide…

    A Girl and Her Dog
    Picard I

  • I’d love to try Atlas Hugs, Shop Frock, and Happy Hands,

  • very good submit, i definitely love this web site, carry on it

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