My Bright Wrap

May 14, 2021

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  • Gorgeous! Love the “travel” diary Cristina. This calls for a bubbly celebration…

    • It’s perfect!

  • Oh, Christina, this is truly magnificent! Once again, you inspire me!

  • Your wrap is an absolute masterpiece!

  • It’s STUNNING and what a joy it will be to wrap yourself in!

  • I might be convinced to try this now!

  • What a masterpiece Cristina!


    • Inspiring!

  • I’m gobsmacked! This may be project for my stash of leftover felted tweed! Perfect for an upcoming motor home trip!

  • The front side is stunningly beautiful but I’d also like to see the back side especially for a shawl or scarf.

    • No worries, the wrong side of intarsia looks amazing, like a weaving.

    • Yes I’d love to see that too. Probably a work of art in itself.

  • This is my favorite Fassett piece ever!!!! Stupendous.

  • I join the others in expressing enthusiastic excitement (to be known as triple e!) about your incredible wrap! It’s gorgeous, a masterpiece, certainly able to be wall art between wearings, and I am all the more awed because it was your first intarsia project! I aspired to try it, but admit I haven’t yet, because I agree – it seemed so fiddly. Maybe the key in trying the new technique is to GO BIG!

  • Yup, this is possibly one of the most beautiful works of art/wraps I have ever seen. And to think you were a novice at intarsia gives hope to the rest of us. Congratulations on creating something magical with just strings and sticks. It must just be lovely to wear. I can just see it being worn elegantly while musing around in an art gallery somewhere. Hooray for you and thank you for sharing this inspiration.

  • Cristina!!! This is a masterpiece!

  • What a stunner! A piece de resistance.

  • Wow! Just WOW!!

  • Another round of applause for a stunning work of art! This also answers my dilemma of which Kaffe project to start next, just do them all! Congrats Christina!

  • Spectacular! So inspirational!

  • Beautiful. I agree with you on the Cityscape portion. Absolutely stunning. I admire your fortitude. A work of art!

  • WOW! Such an impressive tour de force. So inspiring.

    And I think I am seeing some intarsia stripe inspirations for Ann’s pillow backs. If those are still a WIP.

  • Good to see someone else playing around with patterns to create a truly unique object. It’s beautiful!!

  • That is absolutely glorious!! And now I’m thinking for a super lightweight yet warm blanket, the same sort of free range intarsia done with a couple of lettlopi variety packs. Argh. Must. Resist. (Or not…)

  • Your wrap is amazing, Christina! I tried my first intarsia with lessons from Jen A-C’s A Year of Techniques, then bought the Watercolor Cowl pack. You inspire me to turn it into a Watercolor Wrap with cityscape and etc… or maybe I need to buy another bundle! Thank you so much for the great inspiration, and I love your ‘travel guide’ description. It is the best!

  • Reminds me of that Modern Quilt Wrap that was all the rage when I jumped into knitting. It’s beautiful.


  • Golly gee. Stupendous is the perfect word. It struck me that the phrase “Go big or go home” totally applies here. Imagine if you had gone through all those hours of wishing you’d never been born (I tend to have a hissy fit and abandon ship at this point) and it had turned out lifeless and dull. Such inspiration that you were willing to tackle the design of a master right from the get go. Maybe now I will actually take on stripes (that carrying-up-the-sides business throws me every time).

  • Amazing. I want to copy it exactly. It would be helpful to see a picture of the other side. What does the back look like?

    • Thank you, everybody!

      I will post pictures of the back onto my project page for the wrap on Ravelry, Lee Beth. I’m philacraftina there. It’s linked to the I-Cushions pattern and searchable by pattern name and by my handle.

      • Could you please post pictures here as well? Some of us don’t use ravelry at all.

        • Saw them- AWESOME. looks like quilting. Neat as a pin.

  • Brava!

  • This is stunning. I believe you have pushed me over the edge into trying intarsia. I would never copy such a work of art, but I’ll be doing something seriously inspired by this beauty.

  • Please, a small demo of how to switch colours when doing this intarsia shawl based on I-cushion. It Would be extremely helpful. I’ve tried Intarsia and of course that’s my downfall.