Off We Go! Come Knit a Hat with Us

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
February 1, 2023

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  • All four of the most charming knitting icons, all in one Zoom, you say? During a local ice storm? Why yes, it was delightful! Fiddling with/rearranging colors to cast on my hat today!

  • hi the is not active unable to enter my codes

  • Cudos to MDK. How can it get any better? MDK + A&C =

  • I am having such FOMO about this KAL! My favorite knitting folks doing a collaboration? Love it! ❤️ But we’re smack in the middle of an out of state relocation and it’s the worst timing for me. Cheering you on from the sidelines.

  • Has anyone else had problems ordering the field guide? The little ball just spins and spins and never finishes my order. I have been trying for a week to order a copy

    • Hi there! You might try closing your browser and relaunching – that does seem to work when this pops up. Alternately, using a different device – works almost every time. We’ve shipped hundreds and hundreds of them so it seems like it might just be a glitch somewhere

  • Great folks! Great pattern! Great prizes! So many choices . . .

  • Awesome.

  • Hello, I can White in french ? Je vais commencer à tricoter le bonnet avec des restants de laine dans mon stock. Laine mérinos tricotée en 3,5.

    • I’m not on Facebook or Instagram but am enjoying the Arne & Carlos Setesdal Hat knit along! What a confidence builder!!! I’m now pondering taking on the additional beautiful patterns in the MDL Field Guide No. 23.
      I’m following Arne & Carlos on YouTube and the tutorials as needed. They are very helpful.
      I purchased the hat kit and Field Guide No. 23 once I committed a month late for the knit along and am extremely pleased with the Norwegian wool and the Field Guide instructions.
      I’m apparently unable to post a picture here of my progress (or to enter the prize contest) however am speeding along without holes at my join with circular needles and am spot on in the pattern development.
      Thank you DMK for all your support in this knit along!

  • wonderful zoom meeting. cant wait to start

  • I’m sad that I can’t get the field guide subscription because you can’t ship to Canada ☹️ is there someplace else I can access the pattern for this knit along?

  • Lovely colors!

  • Very interesting. Loved hearing about the Norwegian traditions and the American counterparts.

  • With the hat bundle would there be enough yarn for the hat and mitten??

  • I was all set to join the Setesdal Hat project but when I got back from Puglia after one week of record cold weather and wearing the same vest and other outer garments, I decided I needed some Dickies instead!

  • I got the book the day my LYS received it in their store! I’m going to use my leftover Vintage by Berroco for my first one. Looking forward to it!! Love all the extra hints & help on the MDK pages. I get to tour when I’m doing the Nashville Knitopia with Melissa Leapman—SO EXCITED!!