MDK Gift Card


The fastest way possible to make a knitter happy. Tell your family and friends you’d really like an MDK Gift Card, and all of a sudden, everybody’s happy!

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How the MDK Gift Card works.

You will receive two emails.

1. “Your Modern Daily Knitting order is now complete.” This contains your order confirmation as well as a downloadable PDF you can print to give to your recipient, if you choose.

2. “Your Modern Daily Knitting gift card.” This contains the gift card code that you can include on the printed certificate or forward to your recipient.

We rely on electronic gift cards every year as part of our gift-giving efforts—sometimes we want to send a gift that arrives quickly and to a faraway recipient.

For knitters, a gift card is by far the easiest way to ensure that your beloved recipient will end up with exactly what he or she would like. New needles? A batch of merino? There are so many possibilities, and the MDK Gift Card means that you don’t have to guess.

It’s available in any denomination you choose. It is the gift that your knitter will welcome.

MDK Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from purchase date.