Tulip Interchangeable Needle Set

By Tulip


The interchangeable needles of our dreams. The bamboo needles are smooth and light, the tips are pointy. The cables have the perfect amount of slack. The joins never snag, and they really stay connected. In a tidy, compact case. Scroll down for all the details.

Note: Be sure to select “CarryC Long Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set” from the drop-down if you wish to purchase the full needle set. All other drop-down options are for extra cables (“Cable for CarryC Long”) and replacement needle tips (“Replacement Tip for CarryC Long”).

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We’d been on the hunt for an ideal set of interchangeable needles for a long time, so we were excited to come across this bamboo set from Tulip, made in Japan by a family-owned company.

Every knitter can use a set of interchangeable needles. It’s the ultimate convenience to have a full range of needle sizes available, plus the ability to lengthen or shorten the cable as needed. Interchangeables are great for travel, and they’re also handy at home.

Swatching on multiple needle sizes, holding large or small groups of stitches: it’s all easier with a set of interchangeable needles, cables, and stoppers.  

Incredibly, with 40 years plus of knitting experience between the two of us, neither of us owned a set of interchangeables. The reason: anxiety! If you’ve ever experienced a needle getting separated from a cable loaded up with stitches, you’ll understand. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So when we first laid eyes on Tulip’s beautiful interchangeable needles, we had two questions. Our first question: do they come unscrewed? Our second question: Do you have to use a special tool  to prevent them from coming unscrewed?

With Tulip interchangeable needles, the answer to both questions is a resounding no. You screw them on, and they stay screwed on until you unscrew them.

The needle tips twist freely at the cable join, making these needles especially easy to work with.

Kay has been using a set of Tulip interchangeables since June 2018, on many projects. Guess what: they have never come unscrewed. They are her best bamboo friends.

Recommended: if you tend to have multiple projects on the go at the same time, it’s super handy to have extra cables so that you can get the most out of your set of needle tips. Choose the Carry C Long option from the drop-down menu above to select the right length for you.