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Dear knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday.

It’s happening! Early copies of MDK Field Guide No. 26 starring the inimitable Iceland treasure Hélène Magnússon are shipping to subscribers right now.

To join the throng of sneaky peekers, subscribe to the 2024 Field Guides. We’ll get your early copy in the mail—and your ebook edition sent to you immediately. Subscribers never pay full price in the MDK Shop—read all about the benefits of subscribing here. It’s a great way of supporting what you love, including your Snippets on Saturday.

A Deal That Ends Tomorrow

Fun for you! Our friends at Knit Stars are releasing our Season 3 masterclass, The Secrets of Knitting Happiness, as a freestanding, single class. The class is available at a great introductory price. Read all about it, and get in on the deal, by clicking our affiliate link. (MDK receives a commission on purchases through our affiliate link.)

We are tickled that our knitting secrets have helped people discover their own knitting happiness. Knitting is supposed to be fun!


We had a big time on MDK this week.

Help for the new knitter in your life: Dana Williams-Johnson has two great tips.

The joyful finale to one of the most glorious, colorful pieces of knitting we’ve seen in a long time: Cristina’s Cottage Throw.

New contributor Gretchen Wright takes us away for a craft-centric weekend in Marrakech.

Swedish wallpapers, no-knead bread: Ann is in full-on hibernation mode, and she’s also casting on early for Field Guide No. 26.

Do you like a pithy pattern? Kay wants to know.

The moment your life changed, 30 years ago—imagine if you had a recording.

As ever, we thank you all for supporting MDK through thick and thin. Every morning, we bring the best writers, teachers, and knitting to you, free of charge. This is only possible because of your purchases from the MDK Shop—thank you!

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a prompt personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

Journaling Joy

At the start of a new year—or anytime, really—we recommend the online course that made keeping a journal a joyful mainstay of our lives: Felicity Ford’s self-paced bullet journaling course. Use MDK’s affiliate link to enroll.

If you missed our Zoom with Felix, no worries: here’s the recording. To get the most out of it, bring a sheet of paper, a writing implement, and any extras that would add to your fun: stickers, colored pencils, rubber stamps, or washi tape are a few good ideas.

Need a journal? Get the Felix-approved bullet journal, the mighty Leuchtturm 1917, right here.

Good Gear

When you get right down to it, we’re all obsessed with something. We love a good gear moment here at MDK—so much so that we keep tabs on our most prized must-haves, right here in the Bags and Gear Shop.

We Get Letters

“Thank you for each post, each pattern, each how-to, each what to watch, recipe, explanation why things get wonky and where to travel and let’s not even forget about the gnome sensation you have kickstarted! MDK enhances my daily life.”

“How wonderful it is that you give us subscribers both the gorgeous hard copy + digital versions without an extra expense (plus the 10% off purchases)! 

I have all the FGs loaded onto my iPad for traveling or a quick lookup. But nothing beats getting to read the hard copy. Perfect size, amazing content, gorgeous photography, excellent design/print quality.”


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