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What a gift: to be able to look back 30 years, to see clearly the moment your life changed. To have a literal recording of it. That’s the gift that singer, songwriter, stitcher, and my friend Rosanne Cash grabbed with both hands in 2023, when the rights to her 1993 album The Wheel reverted to her.

Up top is the official trailer for the remastered re-release of The Wheel. In the video, Rosanne and her musical and life collaborator John Leventhal tell the story. Their story, and the funny way they tell it, makes me happy for all the long, true, ever-changing partnerships out there, and unspeakably grateful for the one I had.

The gift for us is to listen to this beautiful record. It takes me back to that time. I didn’t know Rosanne then, and I like to imagine our paths literally crossing on Seventh Avenue, unaware that we were on our way to a sweet little pod of stitching chums in the far future. The same way I think of Ann living on St. Luke’s Place when I lived on East 19th, not knowing we would soon type our way to each other on the Rowan chat board. Who are we crossing paths with right now? A wonderful thing about life: we keep meeting kindred spirits, the wheel goes round.

Whether you’re new to The Wheel or already a fan, you’ll enjoy knitting along to Scott Simon’s sweetly emotional interview of Rosanne here. Or jump into the time machine to 1993 and hear her sing The Wheel on Austin City Limits here.

Here are some of the ways to get the remastered deluxe edition of The Wheel. (There is vinyl! And a CD!)

Rosanne and John are touring this winter for the rerelease of The Wheel. Go out and see them; they’re wonderful. There are NYC dates in February—see you there!

One more bit of Cash/Leventhal good news: just two days ago, John Leventhal released his first solo album.  So good. I especially love the hymns—Mr. L’s guitar hymns are top of the form.


  • thank you

  • I love your observation of “who are we crossing paths with right now?”
    It’s so true, the circles (wheels) we turn in are pretty small somtimes.

  • I love Rosanne Cash! I admire how she and Rodney Crowell (big fan!!) have worked through tough stuff and respect each other, work together, etc. And John L is icing on the cake. I heard Rosanne’s interview on NPR. But thanks for the news on John’s new solo album.

  • ‘Their story, and the funny way they tell it, makes me happy for all the long, true, ever-changing partnerships out there, and unspeakably grateful for the one I had.’

    This and others – wonderful, truthful sentence. Might be eligible for Frank Bruni’s ‘for love of sentences.’
    And yay! Scott Simon.

    • That sentence jumped out at me, too – unfussy, perfect, true writing.

      Pre-ordered The Wheel, partly as a Christmas gift to the other half of my own ever-changing partnership, but also to enjoy it myself. Have been falling in love with it all over again – such artistry!

  • I Love Rosanne Cash!!
    What a wonderful surprise to find out my favorite singer Rosanne Cash is a stitcher too! And friends with Kay at MDK! Two loves!
    I’ve followed Rosanne since 2010 when she performed at Alys Stephen Theater in Birmingham and our little Hoover Library Theater and The Lyric! Love her stories paired with musical talent! She’s a wonderful storyteller.
    I’d love to hear her stitch story!

    Thank you for sharing Kay!

  • I love reading these articles and enjoy most every new (or familiar) concept. And then you add something that really touches my heart. Thank you.

  • I’m a big fan of Roseanne and Kay! Thanks for this.

  • Thanks for this. I look forward to listening to it. But I also want to say you write so beautifully about it. Love you, Kay.

  • Thank you, Kay, for sharing your friendship with us. I have been a fan of Roseanne Cash for many years. Her voice can convey so much emotion, I feel like she is talking to me personally.

  • Wow–this is a GREAT gift for a snowy weekend! THANK YOU!

  • Kay, this is a truly lovely tribute to your friend, and to her wonderful art.

  • Thank you so much. I have been to see Rosanne and John perform a number of times and just so enamored by them both. Please tell Rosanne that I am delighted that she is re-releasing The Wheel AND that I hope she comes back to the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL!!!!!! Soon!!!

  • Thank you for all that you share!

  • The Wheel is one of my all-time favorite albums and I’m so happy it’s been remastered. Plus all these great links! A gift for my weekend. Thank you!

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