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Dear all,

Hooray! It’s Imminent Arrival Mode for Hélène Magnússon’s five new designs.

We’ve been anticipating this moment for a long time, and now it’s here: we’re putting the brand-new Field Guide No. 26 in the mail today.

For subscribers, this means something really great: you’ll have instant access to your ebook edition of the new Field Guide. Watch for your confirmation email, which will contain the link to download your beautiful new Field Guide.

Which means you can start immediate scheming and dreaming about what you’ll want to make. And you can shop now for the yarns featured in this Field Guide.

With your monthly subscriber discount coupon code in hand, you’ll save 10% on every yarn featured in this Field Guide.

All of which are really special yarns that we’ve never carried before.

If you’re reading this and want to be a subscriber too, well.

We can set you right up—just head over here.

The official launch date for Field Guide No. 26 is Friday, February 9, if you’re the wait-and-see type.

We have a lot of fun planned for this gorgeous set of designs by Hélène Magnússon. We can’t wait to get started—please join us!


Ann and Kay


  • And the designs are so good! Thank you Hélène and congratulations on another fabulous Field Guide, Team MDK!

  • It is a stunning collection. I’m not sure where to start!

  • So excited for this Field Guide!!

  • Such beautiful patterns , I had to order the kit for the shawl. I might have to also get yarn for the tam and mitts. I want all the things!

    • Wow my order came today ! I ordered Thursday and it’s only Saturday! Great service and the yarn in the shawl kit is so beautiful.

  • I want to knit it all, especially the sweater! Great job as always!

  • Gorgeous. Every design, fiber, color pallete, photo, wow!

  • How can both shades of yellow in Love Story be sold out already?

  • LOVE!! You bet I’m scheming & dreaming… gorgeous designs!

  • Oh no! I’m up here in Canada trying to peek over the fence!

  • Such an amazing Field Guide!!! I am already watching my mailbox for the beautiful materials to arrive. I have wanted a project to excite me and the moss blanket is it. Looking forward to knitting nature.
    Thanks, MDK, for another inspiring project.

  • Yea!!!!’

  • It seems from the comments here that some subscribers already have gotten the link to the preview and the yarns.

    I’m a subscriber and have not.

    When can I expect to receive the link?

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