I Made It with Atlas: Checkered Scarf

January 25, 2023

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  • Very clever design! You look so cozy, now to pick the colors!

  • Thank you Samantha for this beautiful design and refreshing change in patterns. My knitting needs a change up and this might be it.

  • I love this! This may be the pattern that gets me to try color work (which I have studiously avoided). Now the semi hard part – picking colors.

  • That scarf is extremely cool (and warm I bet)! And I’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for someone to publish a pattern for that crochet vest Wednesday is wearing in the left hand pic – I love it in black and white, but it would be a fun color playground too. My crochet skills aren’t good enough for reverse engineering, although I could probably do it with knitting….

  • Oh Samantha, you really hit all my favorites: scarf in colorwork, tons of color possibilities, big gauge. Love this like a baby! Also: you wear it so well!

  • What a great design! I love the mixing & shifting of colors. It looks super cozy!

  • Thanks for the introduction to Samantha. I signed up got the BobbleClubhouse newsletter.

  • Congratulations on this great design! It’s so fun to see the colors play together, and imagine more combinations. I know swatching and blocking are the book-end chores of knitting, but blocking has such immediate apparent rewards. I hope this project is the beginning of your conversion to being an inveterate blocker 😉 Of course I did wear a recently finished hat for a week before I blocked it. We were traveling and I needed a warm hat.

  • The scarf looks like loads of fun but it’s the COAT on these photos that I dream of. It too is knitted yes?

    • Thank you! It’s not knitted…but now you’ve just added another project to my “to-make” list

  • Is nobody going to mention the coat? Love the coat and scarf combo and cannot wait to learn this slip-stitch checkerboard magic.

  • Samantha – this is stunning!!!! Your color combos are so cool; I love this!

    • Thanks Jen!!!

  • Thank you so much for the awesome comments everyone! I had so much fun working with ATLAS yarn for this project. I can’t wait to see how everyone will make this their own. ❤️

  • What does the wrong side look like? It almost looks like you’ve knit a tube to avoid the wrong side showing but based on the instructions, it looks like it’s knit flat.

    • Hey! Yes, this is worked flat. So you will see the floats on the wrong side. I’ve added a photo of the back to the Ravelry page. I think the back looks almost like a waffle pattern and could be a design all on it’s own!

      • I love the back side of colorwork!

  • I’ve avoided color work like the plague. This may help me get over the hump!

  • What a fun scarf pattern–I love the color work options you’ve given. But I have to ask: Are you related to Quinta? I adore Abbott Elementary and am so excited for its success.