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Whenever I’m curious about a new-to-me yarn, I like to take it out for a spin with a small project that only needs a skein or two, and I know a lot of knitters feel the same way. (Related: I have a short attention span and love small projects.) So when we were designing Atlas, we knew it would be great if there were hat and mitt patterns out there for people to use as a trial run before committing to a whole sweater in our favorite sweater yarn.

Now, as Atlas’s first year comes to a close, it’s thrilling to see how many great Atlas hat patterns are out there already.

Designers are having a great time turning Atlas into hats, the perfect one- or two-skein project to try our beloved and beautiful Rambouillet yarn. Let’s take a look—it’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s, a very special hat-knitting time. The name of each pattern is a Ravelry link. Enjoy!

Drei Hat Three Ways by Jen Geigley

Snowglobe by Tin Can Knits

Straight Up Tube Hat by Nell Ziroli

Seedling Beanie by Kirsten Kapur

Kiandra by Mary Lou Egan

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Photos by Figment Art Photo, Tin Can Knits, Nell Ziroli, Kirsten Kapur, Gale Zucker


  • That’s exactly what I did, and Atlas was great.

  • I am planning to use some of the motifs from Jen Geigley’s Cider Mill sweater in a beanie using leftover Atlas from making the sweater.

  • I recently purchased 2 skeins of Atlas for this very reason…to give it a try before ordering a sweater’s quantity. The “squish factor” is superb…perfect for a Harlow Worsted hat!

    • I got really lucky. I won two skeins of Atlas and the seedling beanie pattern. I made the beanie and a pair of mittens using the yarn. Now I have to decide which sweater pattern in which colors I want. The squish factor is amazing!

    • Brioche! So good.

  • I knit my husband a Flicker & Flame hat by Andrea Mowry. Atlas was a dream to knit with, so soft and squishy. It really is a swoon-inducing yarn! It plumps beautifully with blocking. I’m smitten! Soft, warm and beautiful!

  • I’m thinking I might use my wrap leftovers for a winter bucket hat.

  • I got 3 skeins with the skill builder set and made it into a brioche scarf which I sold at the Christmas market in town. It was lovely and squishy.

  • There’s also Jen Geigley’s well designed Helm, made in Atlas, a balaclava which covers ears and throat but not the face. I made it as a Christmas gift and liked it very much.

  • I knit a Sophie Shawl for my niece out of Atlas and am now knitting the matching hat — Rikke, a simple garter stitch hat that looks great with the scarf.

  • I just made two Coversationalist hats with Atlas. You can make two different color-blocked hats with two skeins. Perfect!

  • This does not help anyone that lives in South africa would be so nice if patterns were available for our use as well

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