Knit to This: Only Murders in the Building

September 4, 2021

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  • My husband has been nagging our circle of friends to watch this. Ok. You two win.

  • Which streaming service is it on? It sounds wonderful!

    • It is streaming on Hulu.

    • In Australia it’s on Disney+ (one of the few streaming services we don’t have….yet!)

  • Only Murders In Thee Building is a great surprise. So much to love.
    And your description that it’s like like a box of decadent, expensive chocolate is right on.

  • I started the first episode and stopped so I could rewatch with my other half. I thought the first was great and so glad it will be like a very expensive and limited box of chocolates. I think somethings are much better because they have an end in mind.

  • I binged the three episodes the day they became available and it’s everything you said + Nathan Lane!!
    p.s. I always look forward to your column on the weekends.

  • Dang it, we don’t have Hulu. May have to sign up for it. This looks like it may be a great series.

    • They offer free trials all the time, usually for a week, I think, so you could definitely watch this and then REMEMBER TO CANCEL, which is in caps because I often don’t remember.

      • The first three were released at once, but it’s one-per-week for the rest of the run, so if you do the free trial thing, wait until the show is finished releasing new episodes. Then you can just binge it.

  • We don’t have Hulu but I love Steve Martin and Martin Short together so may have to sign up when it gets cold outside /

  • Yes, this!! The first three episodes were absolutely delightful – they hit the fantastic sweet spot of so amusing yet interesting from the start – no ‘first episode doubt’ for this one.

  • You forgot to mention the fabulous sweater Gomez wears in Episode 2. The red sweater in Episode 3 is no sloucher either though it looks machine made.

  • I’d watch except that Steve Martin and Martin Short are in it. Not for me. I’d rather purl an entire sweater.

    • I laughed til I cried at this comment, me too!

      • watching the trailer removed any reluctance….

  • OMG – you nailed it! A special piece of chocolate. To be savored and then regret it’s over. I love this show! (have to ignore the f-bombs, but still enjoy the show)

  • Mabel, Selena’s character, talks about using a knitting needle as a weapon. So we’re all pretty much obligated to watch this series just on that.

  • This is an entertaining interview with Martin Short that aired today. I’m going to start watching this show tonight!

  • Sounds like a fun series. Hope it does not distract from knitting.

  • This sounds wonderful to knit to, thanks for the info.