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Dear Ann,

Once again, the young people have guided me to some riveting television. This time, it’s the 2017 HBO miniseries Big Little Lies. I’ve seen it described as a comedy/drama but I’m three episodes (of 7) in and except for some flashes of Legally Blonde when Reese Witherspoon is on the screen, I’m not seeing much comedy. From the first moment, it’s a case of murder, but we don’t know who is dead or who done it. The story then goes back to the beginning, which makes you question every character’s motives; whether they are going to be the victim or the killer. Such an excellent way to tell the story: it concentrates the mind.

In some ways Big Little Lies reminds me of Broadchurch, which is about as highly as I can praise a crime story. All the actors in the ensemble are fantastic and the soundtrack is great. You could find much less fascinating things to knit to on a Lazy Sunday.

To repay niece Maggie for suggesting Big Little Lies, I’m making her watch River with me.

Big Little Lies can be streamed on HBO Go or via iTunes or Amazon. I’m saving this New Yorker review for after I’ve watched the finale.




  • I’ve been saving this one. Summer holiday weekend, though. Knitting is here next to me. The time is right.

  • I was NOT able to knit while watching Big Little Lies. Don’t even try.

  • I started watching My Mother and Other Strangers. I have only watched the first one but want to keep watching. I have seen a complaint that it is slow but anyone that has knitted knows slow things don’t phase knitters! I like seeing the hats too. Just a hint: I keep the closed captions on to understand the Irish accent and words.

  • I read the book but haven’t seen the series yet. And I live in Monterey! Definitely on my list for our foggy holiday weekend.

  • I don’t recall any comedy in this series. Drama and mystery, I think.

  • The book is set in Australia, and the unabridged recording is a feast of Australian accents. Bonus – you can keep your eyes on your knitting while you listen.

  • Loved it. Already binged on the whole season and eagerly await the next one. Since I have seen it already, maybe now I can knit to it if I watch it again. The visuals are too good to miss.

  • Just finished binging Season 1 of Broadchurch. I made a joke that I was going to watch Requiem for a Dream to lighten things up. I think this will do just fine!

  • I loved it and recommend purchasing the soundtrack once you’re done.

  • I just started watching it this weekend after a friend’s recommendation. Perfect for summer viewing and knitting! The cast is fantastic.

  • OMG the best! We watched it as it came out on HBO and the waiting was waaay to long. much better to binge.

  • Big Little Lies was the most delicious guilty pleasure this Spring; certainly the best dressed and furnished one! I’d call it a smart soap opera, myself.

    If you haven’t seen “The Night Of” yet, that was another stellar offering from HBO last summer. Much darker and oppressive but all around perfect IMO.

  • We watched it when it premiered on HBO. My husband wasn’t going to watch it but as you know, before he could blink, he was hooked. It keeps you enthralled all the way through and I think the ending is one of the most well-done…ever.

  • It was a a very popular novel.

  • If you want a riveting HBO series, let me recommend The Night Of. Non-HBO, I just finished season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale. It goes deeper into the characters and relationships than the book did. I can’t wait for Season 2.

  • Konitting like crazy through Primd Suspect: Tennyson – and loving the music that set the tone.

  • Oh gah RIVER. I still haven’t gotten over RIVER. It Just Doesn’t Get Sadder Than RIVER.

  • I am astounded that I’ve seen something before you! I must admit resistence to BLL during the onslaught of commercials for it, but one day…. and then I was hooked!

    Thanks to you I currently on season 2 of The Americans. And I do mean thanks, it’s such an interesting and absorbing show. Thank you!!

  • I downloaded the audio book and the first couple of chapters were meh. I think about chapter five it really took off.

  • FYI, Season 3 of Broadchurch has started on BBC America.

  • I binge-watched this series a few months ago. I LOVED it. The book is even better because it cleared up a pretty important point that the mini series didn’t do a good job of presenting. I still loved the show though.

  • They just posted the open casting call for extras here in Monterey for season 2. 🙂

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