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It’s time.

I’m activating my ultimate defense system.

Bright Star.

This is the movie I watch, again and again, whenever the going gets tough. It is my 100-percent antidote guaranteed to turn my frown upside down.

This is Jane Campion’s 2009 film about the love affair between John Keats and Fanny Brawne.

It has the most spectacular costumes, thanks to Fanny’s fascination with fashion.

It has Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish acting their everloving hearts out—consumption has never been so alluring.

It has Jane Campion conflating the deepest sentiment with the grittiest reality.

Bitter. Sweet.

It has Keats poems. It has needlework.

It’s available on Amazon, here.




  • A beautiful film, one of my favourites.

  • Yes. A lovely and ultimately sad movie. I’ve loved Keats since high school.
    And the sewing! Sewing and poetry … what a wonderful combination.

    always knew there were like minds on this blog!

  • I loved this film. Cried though it three times. Went to Hampstead , just because. And fell in love with the crochet: spent my bonus of many colors of laceweight yarn with the overly ambitious goal of duplicating those shawls, but learned that I really don’t love crocheting postage stamp motifs…only made nine. You can find hundreds of examples of Sophie Digards work, and get inspiration for a thousand color schemes, by looking for her on Pinterest (I have learned that she employs many North African women to execute her designs, most of us lack the). That was also my introduction to Ben Wishaw; I would follow him anywhere. He makes a wonderful dying lover.

  • A feast for the eyes! I have great affection for Jane Campion, I wish she made more movies.

  • I thought I had seen this film, but I haven’t! Thanks for another recommendation the light in the dark days.

  • It’s also on Vudu…for your viewing options.

  • Can’t find the movie through the link you provided at amazon. It takes you to newyorktimes. It is apparently on pickaflick, but that is $49.99 per month. No thank you. Its not on Netflix. I checked amazon and its $10. Not a happy camper.

    • Try the library.

    • I had the same experience

    • Thanks for the heads up about the link–it’s fixed now. You can rent it on Amazon for $3.99, not sure where you’re seeing $10. Enjoy!

  • I must hunt this one down, it looks great. Jane Campion (a fellow Kiwi!) makes great films – I think The Piano would be my fave (seen it three or four times).

    PS – Ben Wishaw was also great in the two most recent Bond films, playing Q the gadget guru.

  • I have a friend who lives in that part of London… we now refer to Kentish Town always with ‘the slums of’ infront after seeing Brightstar. And yes Sophie Digard’s work is awesome!

  • I have put it on reserve at our public library. Sounds wonderful!

  • OMG, the film is so beautifully done. Inspired by your post, I just watched it for a second time. I even coaxed my husband to watch it. He was reluctant at first, but was then thoroughly pulled in. He is a writer/director himself, so he is a pretty tough audience.

    The crochet wraps are astonishing. As some have mentioned, they are so similar to the work of Sophie Digard. And the metaphors within all of the stitchery are so lovely.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Ann. It made for a much appreciated respite.

  • I haven’t seen this, but just watched the trailer and see it has Paul Schneider in it, who is in one of my favorite feel good movies “Lars and the Real Girl.”

  • This is a beautiful movie. Worth a viewing. I might have to watch it again!

  • OK, all right. I guess I will watch this movie or whatever. [runs away]

    Seriously, conditions are DefCon BrightStar. I’ve never seen it so I’m looking forward to it.

  • Wow, I had never heard of this movie but just watched the trailer! We actually still have a video rental place at the art-house theater in my town, so I might just have to try to get it for tonight. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • I totally agree with every sentence above. I couldn’t believe how much I loved this movie. GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to watch it again.

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