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Dear Kay,

I’ve heard from folks who are shopping for the new knitters in their lives. I’m asked what a new knitter would like.

If they’re anything like me when I started out, it’s pretty simple: a new knitter would like to drop everything and knit, dream about knitting, and discover everything there is to know about knitting.

Here are my suggestions for feeding the fierce curiosity of a new knitter.

MDK Gift Card. Know this: the new knitter loves yarn. Our gift card sets up the intoxicating, wide-open horizon of shopping in the MDK Shop—for yarn and all the other amazing things we have on offer.

Skill Set Box of Joy. Our all-in-one dream box has everything a new knitter needs to get started: perfect yarn, excellent tools, and our concise book, Skill Set: Beginning Knitting.

Nine lessons, as clear as we could possibly make them, with swatches as the practice projects, and a hat too.

Our Box of Joy works for the knitter who hasn’t even begun, and it also works for someone who wants to keep going with simple colorwork, lace, and tons of pro tips. (Also: We made a companion video app for Skill Set—44 videos plus all the text of the book, only 99 cents! In the Apple App Store and Google Play.)

Field Guide Collection. Our ultimate rabbit hole of inspiration. The new knitter is fascinated by patterns—so many possibilities!

Our complete library of all 22 MDK Field Guides stars beloved designers, with dozens of easy and intermediate patterns. This one-time-only offer is almost half off the cost of individual Field Guides. Includes an ebook download code in each Field Guide.

Bento Bags. Very soon, the new knitter needs a container for their joy.

Pure simplicity. Tie the two flaps together, and you have a tidy bundle. These are heavy linen, in five colors, beautifully made.

It’s so fun to imagine all the new knitters discovering their new passion this year. It’s just the best.



PS I thought of a fifth gift for a new knitter. The Tulip Interchangeable Needle Set.

It may seem extravagant, but it is actually economical. It’s the sort of thing a new knitter won’t know is a good idea until they’ve spent a lot of money on individual needles. We have sold a ton of these over the years, and we hear over and over that these are knitters’ favorite needles, that it’s such a well-designed set and they wish they’d bought it sooner. Made in Japan, just a beautiful set.

How About Something for You?
A year of fun is yours when you subscribe to our Field Guides for 2023. Three brand-new little books star superb designers. Save $15 when you subscribe by January 1, 2023. Plus: You’ll save an amazing 10% off every single Shop purchase. All year long!


  • I’m intérested in the interchangeable. Are the cables as supple as the Chiagoo cables?

    • I have had my Tulips for quite a few years. They are wonderful. I use them all the time and I do have other options. The cables are quite flexible.You won’t have any regrets.

      • I bought the Tulip set from MDK last year, I really like them compared to 2 other sets I own. They never ever come undone from the cables and the cables swivel. The only issue is that the size numbers rubbed off easily from 1 pair, maybe a glitch I hope.

  • I just bought a small starter set for a young and very pregnant friend. All she had to say was, “teach me to knit.”
    I told her if she sticks with this then I will buy her everything she needs from stitch markers to that needle set.
    I own that set…actually I own the long tips and the short tips set, bought a fee years ago.
    Best purchase I could have made.

  • Oh, interchangeables, an excellent revelation to the knitting world… I had the Denise set when they were all that were available, now I have some addi interchangeables because I love me some rocket turbo knitting. There’s some serious tulip supporters here – making me consider if they might be nice in short tips for hats…

  • Those interchangeable needles are not a bad gift for a not-at-all new knitter, either. (Knitting for decades out of a drawer-full of needles.

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