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Each month we highlight a popular Field Guide design and yarn, with a special offer for a limited time. Here we go with our brand-new MDK Gem.

Cecelia Campochiaro’s Parallelogram Scarf is a star of Field Guide No. 5: Sequences.

I’ve personally made three. On Ravelry, you can see hundreds of them. It is one of the loveliest, most satisfying projects you’ll ever find.

Lichen + Vintage Shawl Balls shown here.

In the interest of encouraging you to add this exquisite project to your wardrobe of Favorite Knitted Things, we’re pointing the mighty MDK Gems spotlight on this beautiful design.

The special offer? Order the yarn for the Parallelogram Scarf, and we’ll include a free PDF download of Field Guide No. 5: Sequences, where you’ll find the pattern as well as a concise introduction to Cecelia Campochiaro’s inventive knit-purl sequence knitting.

The Yarn

Tina Whitmore’s Freia is the mother of all hand-dyed gradients.

We carry two sizes of this beautiful 100% Merino yarn.

Shawl Balls are 430 yards each.

Yarn Bombs are twice as big, 860 yards, with longer stretches of each gradient color.

Two Sizes: Big and Fantastically Big

Use two Shawl Balls, and you can make your Parallelogram Scarf 8″ x 70″ (20.5 cm x 178 cm).

Use two Yarn Bombs, and your scarf can be wider—16″ x 70″ (41 cm x 356 cm) or actually more like ten feet long if you use all of both Yarn Bombs. Which is what you’ll see below. It is spectacular to see these pieces, and wonderful for bundling up on a cold day.

The Slowest Shifts

Have a look. These three double-wide Parallelogram Scarves show the sort of color shifts that happens when using two different color balls of Freia. These were made using Yarn Bombs. We still haven’t seen a bad combination.

Cast on 201 stitches rather than the 101 specified in the pattern. From the top Yarn Bomb combinations: Sprout + Sandbar, Lichen + Vintage, Zinnia + Cloud

To Recap

Order your Freia yarn now through Wednesday, October 5, and we’ll include the free download for Field Guide No. 5: Sequences. Your download link will appear in your confirmation email.

Fair warning: we find that this Parallelogram Scarf has a mesmerizing, hypnotic, irresistible pull that will probably cut into your regular daily activities. Yes, you may not get much else done while working on this.


  • What length needle is best for 200 stitches?

    • A 24″ circular needle is long enough. Happy double-widing!

  • I absolutely. LOVE mi e it was a very fu project! I was so honored to take a class with Cecelia Campochiaro her way of thinking about knitting blew my mind!

  • What skill level is this Parallelogram Scarf? I like simplicity and this looks like I need to pay too much attention to what I am doing! ; j

    • If you can knit, purl, work decreases and increases, and carry yarn up the side of your work as you go, this is a simple project. Everybody’s idea of simplicity varies, so I’m not quite sure what to say about how you might enjoy this or not. But I definitely know it is mesmerizing to work with this yarn, and the final scarf is gorgeous. Cheers!

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