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Dear Kay,

Almost done!

freia Ombré merino lace in Vertigo and Ice Queen

As I approach the finish line on my Marlogram Scarf, I keep fantasizing about new color combinations for my next Marlogram.

I’ve learned a lot from my first one. Basically: don’t hold back, lady.

Color breaks up when you marl these Freia Ombré Merino Lace yarns. Pixelated, as Ashley Balding suggests in her post about her fantastic Marlogram. (It’s here, if you haven’t seen it.)

I don’t know what’s going to happen when I’m knitting this yarn. But at this point, I do know that even the most zingtastic color is dispersed when it’s marled—even when two zingtastic colors are marled together.

Possible combinations that have me thinking:

Vertigo and Dahlia


Vamp and Dusk


Orchid and Coho


Of course, I know a lot of us like subtlety, so here are three relatively polite combinations. There’s a ton of surprise waiting in these.

Neapolitan and Squid Ink


South Beach and Aurora


Woodsman and Canyon


And of course, you can go for the ultimate in subtle and work your Marlogram in two balls of the same color, as Kay did here to scrumptrelescent effect. This is Squid Ink x 2.

That glorious moment when the purple arrives? Priceless!

See all our Freia Ombré Merino Lace possibilities here. And you’ll find Cecelia Campochiaro’s pattern in Field Guide No. 19: Marls.




  • Love all the beautiful possibilities!

  • Thank you Ann! These are gorgeous, and excellent suggestions for those of us with a feeble color-instinct!

  • Comments not working??

    • Oops of course now it is!
      Thank you, Ann, for your gorgeous suggestions for we of feeble color instincts!

      • Just here to help! ; ) Sorry to hear that comments are misbehaving!

      • Good grief! Sorry, sorry.

        • Tip: copy your comment, then submit. The comments are entertaining on many levels!

  • I really, really love these! I need to find a rich person who will pay me in yarn for my odd and fascinating conversations, over dinner, once/month. I’m Swarfing my heart out suspecting that I may be marling forever! This is so much fun…and, oh, the colors!!

    • It’s official. I need to move to a very cold climate, or at least colder than FL, so I can make and wear beautiful scarves!
      These combos are lovely!

  • Eye candy indeed! There is nothing like those Freia colors. I’m wondering about a thick cushy cowl marled from a bunch of minikin balls….

    • Well there’s some fun right there . . .

  • Such possibilities—but Orchid and Coho for spring!

  • I cannot wait to start exploring, as I purchased squid ink, dusk, woodsman, and vertigo, and just love to gaze upon them, dreaming in color! Oh wait, Kaffe taught us that many years ago!!!

    • Start from the center or the outside? That can eat up a moment for me, pondering those combinations.

  • Of course, you could go with the ultimate in subtle and still be zingtastic: A Marlogram in two balls of Melon. (Ann would never dare. Nashville might evict her for being too zingtastic.)

  • Dear Ann, my vocabulary has certainly widened since I’ve been reading your blog. Scrumptelescent… so evocative… (despite not being in the dictionary). Those are beautiful pairings you have picked out. And I love Kay’s Squid Ink one!

    • All glory for scrumtrelescent goes to Will Ferrell and his SNL parody of Inside the Actor’s Studio:
      At 2:48, he invents the word scrumtrelescent because brilliant just isn’t enough.

  • Minikins! Oh the possibilities of endless Freia marling!! Could you bring them back?!

  • Ann those colors are so beautiful marled together!!!!
    You are so lucky to use it!

  • Please please please could you carry some Ombre Freia lace balls that are mainly black or have some black in them? I would LOVE to marl with black! Thanks.

  • I am starting to refer to these beloved daily emails as my “crackmail”. I am heading down to the last strip of the Color Explosion Throw, was so inspired by the MDK zoom with Cecelia Campochiaro a few weeks ago that I signed up for (and loved!) her sequence knitting tutorial at VK live on Sunday, and now… this marlogram had been calling me since Ann’s first naughty post about casting on a week early, and, after the tutorial, well, I’m sunk. Logging in to get some Freia ombre and down the rabbit hole I go. Never mind the floor to ceiling baker’s rack filled with boxes of yarn, never mind the 5 or 6 WIPs. I’m marling!

  • I used the Orchid And Coho combo and it’s beautiful! I posted a photo of it in the Lounge.

    • Gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up!

  • I look at these combinations and am so curious on how they would play differently depending on pulling one from the outside and one from the inside vs pulling both the same.

    • Definitely! The things I see when marling these yarns are moments of high contrast in light vs dark colors, moments where two very similar colors merge, and then colors of the same lightness or darkness combine yet are very different colors. It’s all interesting, no matter how they combine. Can you tell I’m thinking about this a little too much? ; )

  • What is it about color? Hovering over the yarn cakes and enlarging then, I get this jolt of energy through my eyes. Maybe I should buy one of each and place them around the house as objet d’art?

    • I’ve got some on my desk right now, just mulling them!

  • “Scrumptrelescent” is my new favorite word, and I thank you for it!

  • My 5 year old granddaughter was visiting and asked what I was knitting. I showed her my (in progress) marled Freia scarf and she said she liked the way the colors were all blending and that she thought I should knit a tree because that’s how trees are colored. I loved that!

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