Knit to This: Jacques Pépin

By Kay Gardiner
July 30, 2022

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  • My cooking (and therefore, life) has been vastly improved since watching Jacques’ videos. They are also on Facebook.
    As empowering as Elizabeth Zimmermann telling me that I don’t need a pattern!

  • Jacques Pepin has been a lifeline through this pandemic!

  • I love watching and listening to Chef Pépin share his recipes, cooking knowledge, and his stories. The melted ice cream French Toast . . . Brilliant!!! His knife skills . . . Amazing!!! Give him a follow on IG too for a daily dose of Chef Pépin.

  • I still hold onto a tomb of a cookbook of his only for his meringue mushroom recipe. (I’m sure I could find it online.) My local museum, specializing in trompe l’oeil art, loves when I bring the mushrooms for an event, casually gathered into a wooden mushroom basket. I once took a class from him in a grocery store for my birthday, so I can say Jacques Pepin cooked me my birthday dinner!

  • This is where he used to say Fast food my way! And show that good food can be fast too. Lovely person, lovely food. I liked his rabbit made from an olive, roo. Playing with your food!

  • YouTube TV turned all the episodes up with a single search.

    • Thank you!

  • I watch Jacque regularly on PBS’s Create TV. His cookbooks are also a joy to read.

  • Jacque has given me joy, comfort and cooking hints through the last several years of chaos. Diane

  • Thank you for that YouTube tip. So thoughtful!

  • I watched him with Julia Child on Amazon downloads. Together they were great! I will look for him on YouTube. Thanks Kay!

  • I love him. I so enjoyed listening to his autobiography, “The Apprentice”, on my Libby app. Absolutely fascinating and delightful, I highly recommend it.

  • Could not agree more!! Love Jacques Pepin and how he makes so many delicious recipes accessible. A joy to watch. I would also highly recommend his memoir, “The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen”, a delightful read.

  • I don’t even care if I want to eat what he’s cooking, I just love watching him cook. He loves it so much and so sincerely. It is good for my soul to watch him.

  • This man is a national treasure for sure! I love watching him create simple, yet extremely attractive and flavorful meals in his low-key, gentle way. He’s a person who loves what he does and is a really, really good teacher.

    • You can also them via the Jacques Pepin Foundation, which has a searchable database of all the videos and shows he has been in.

  • Oh my. I love the simplicity, I love his voice and how it all seems to be much easier then I would have thought. Thank you so much for sharing this discovery.

  • Yes, Jacques! Make fun of us as foodies if you will, but there are classic dishes in every cuisine and they are good. They are approachable, and have more to do with the plain and simple, ingredients-based cooking of my grandparents than many of the product driven messes of the 50’s and early 60’s I grew up with. Thank you also to JP for keeping dear Julia in her happy place for so much longer than she could have managed on her own.

  • Thank you for this! I may have seen Jacques as I was digging around Passport, but now I’m definitely going to find and watch. What a treat.

  • These short, non- fussy dishes along with his witty/down to earth instructions are a pleasure. His use of left-overs are fun, ( who would think?), I’ve watched his short vignettes for a few years – how refreshing from the divas, & snarky food shows that are offered to us. The older shows with Julia Child are quietly hilarious, as he gently disagrees with her on fussy ingredients & techniques.

  • I heard him interviewed and he told about how he’s always kept a journal/diary/notebook of the dinner parties he and his wife held. He records the date, guests and menu and wines, then has all of the dinner guests sign the page of the description of the party they’ve attended!! He has a whole shelf of journals now. Brilliant—just simply brilliant! What a priceless treasure to hand down the line. So now I give a simple journal to newly weds for this purpose.

  • Thank you so much for this posting. I forgot about cooking with Jacques Pepin. For a master chef, he always presented recipes that are easy made with readily available ingredients but made gourmet.

  • I also love how devoted he is to not wasting food. His dishes are simple to prepare and delicious.

  • Jacques is good to follow on Instagram too. Follow @jacquespepinfoundation for lots of short videos and recipes.