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What’s that? Time for a brand-new MDK Gem?

You bet! Settle in as we spotlight a popular Field Guide pattern and give you sweet savings.

One of the great hat explosions in MDK history was the spate of Slip Stitch Caps that erupted from Thea Colman’s Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making.

Hundreds and hundreds turned up on Ravelry.

I personally made a pile of them.

This hat is so simple to make, yet it looks satisfyingly fancy. In other words, it is a prime hat to give somebody for the holidays.

The other thing about this pattern is the yarn. Karida Collins’s Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Chunky is one of our favorites.

It is spun tightly, creating a smooth and vaguely ropelike yarn.

It comes in Karida’s famously saturated, hand-dyed colors. You can see them all here.

You take a skein of one color and a skein of another color, and all of a sudden you’re deep into a fun little party where the yarn is great, the pattern is clever, and you’re on the road to bringing intense head-warming joy to some fortunate noggin.

Try It, You’ll Like It

We’ve put Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Chunky on sale, right here, 20% off regular price, through next Wednesday, August 3.

And when you order up some Organic Studio Chunky, we’ll include a free download of Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making. (You’ll find the download link in your confirmation email when you order any quantity of Organic Studio Chunky.)

This is one of those perfect yarn/perfect pattern things. Hope you have fun with this.


  • I got two out of my two skeins—plus pompons!

  • When I worked at our Chamber of Commerce we received boxes and boxes of hand knit items. For a few years I was fortunate to be an Elf and help in the distribution. If you are interested in knitting caps for a campuses, this is a good one and the gifts are appreciated and used.

  • F.G.8 is my favorite! Didn’t knit any slip stitch hats but I did knit 3 Stranded Diamonds hats and a stack of Appleseed Coasters

  • These are a gem!! Even color combinations I was dubious about ended up looking great. The yarn is wonderful, the pattern is perfect, and they are fun and relatively quick to make. Perfect for group gift knitting.

  • I would dearly love to order this yarn but I cannot risk it to Canada – customs! However you have prompted me to buy this ebook which I missed out on – I love the patterns!

    • Well I’m in Canada, I buy from MDK, the shipping is what I expect to pay for international, and have never had to pay customs on yarn. This offer is a gem! Just saying!

      • I also live in Canada. Good to hear you your experience with ordering. I’ve previously avoided ordering.

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