Organic Studio Chunky

By Neighborhood Fiber Co.


We’re thrilled: Karida Collins’s hand-dyed, springy ’n’ sturdy Studio Chunky yarn is now available in a certified organic, environmentally friendly merino base.

It’s the yarn of choice for Thea Colman’s Slip-stitch Cap in MDK Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making and for the the Scarf-Cowl Duet and Everyday Cowlette patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings

Ann even knit a pullover modification of Jen Geigley’s Main Squeeze Cardigan from MDK Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy in Studio Chunky! Take a look here.

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Specs & Details

Yarn Weight
100% Organic Merino
Unit Weight
4 oz
Yarn Length
125 yd
3.0 - 4.0 sts = 1 inch
US 9 - 11 (5.5 mm - 8 mm)
1 skein
Scroll down for skein requirements for the Scarf-Cowl Duet and Everyday Cowlette.

Blast your way through projects with a yarn that will make you smile every time you see it.

When the mastermind at the dyepot is Karida Collins, you can be sure that you are experiencing the cutting edge of rich, saturated color.

Now, Karida has improved Studio Chunky even further by switching the base to GOTS-certified organic wool and eliminating the chemical superwash process. The 100-percent merino wool is minimally processed, environmentally friendly and even softer than before.

And there’s something extra about Studio Chunky that’s hard to convey in a photograph—it has a dense, chewy texture, like al dente pasta, that we can’t get enough of. There is no more perfect yarn for quick-knitting accessories.

Organic Studio Chunky is the yarn of choice for two patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings: the Scarf-Cowl Duet and the Everyday Cowlette. (The scarf takes 4 skeins, the cowl takes 2 skeins, and the Everyday Cowlette takes 2 skeins.)

Studio Chunky (in its original formulation) has been an MDK favorite ever since Thea Colman chose it for the Slip-Stitch Cap (Ravelry link) in MDK Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making. Using 2 colors of Studio Chunky and an irresistible slip-stitch pattern, this hat flies off the needles and straight onto the heads of big and little loved ones. Also, if you choose to pom-pom, you came to the right yarn—the lushness of a Studio Chunky pom pom is off the charts.

Looking for even more ways to use this beauty of a yarn? Check out this post for ideas.

How many skeins of Organic Studio Chunky will you need?
Scarf-Cowl Duet

Scarf: 4 skeins

Cowl: 2 skeins

Everyday Cowlette

2 skeins