MDK Gems: Thea Colman + Karida Collins

By Ann Shayne
July 27, 2022

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  • I got two out of my two skeins—plus pompons!

  • When I worked at our Chamber of Commerce we received boxes and boxes of hand knit items. For a few years I was fortunate to be an Elf and help in the distribution. If you are interested in knitting caps for a campuses, this is a good one and the gifts are appreciated and used.

  • F.G.8 is my favorite! Didn’t knit any slip stitch hats but I did knit 3 Stranded Diamonds hats and a stack of Appleseed Coasters

  • These are a gem!! Even color combinations I was dubious about ended up looking great. The yarn is wonderful, the pattern is perfect, and they are fun and relatively quick to make. Perfect for group gift knitting.

  • I would dearly love to order this yarn but I cannot risk it to Canada – customs! However you have prompted me to buy this ebook which I missed out on – I love the patterns!

    • Well I’m in Canada, I buy from MDK, the shipping is what I expect to pay for international, and have never had to pay customs on yarn. This offer is a gem! Just saying!

      • I also live in Canada. Good to hear you your experience with ordering. I’ve previously avoided ordering.