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  • Zounds! I never even heard of mop slippers so I had to check them out – there must be a hundred sellers. I don’t use Amazon but I may have to go looking for these, an Essential Tool for the Modern Houseperson! (And please note that on Amazon they’re in the FASHION Dept.)
    p.s. The dishrags are great too.

    • I went looking too! Did you see the cartoon character versions? And mens! I have not had such a laugh over morning coffee. Thank you for that

    • So much fun with the dishcloths but now I am going to order those Mopping Slippers and with The Spin Mop and a new dishcloth in hand—I’m off!! Think I’ll put on some dance music!! I mean it’s too hot to party outside! Now my brain doesn’t adapt patterns well but I’d purchase patterns for apples and pears in dishband style!!! I love all of these designer minds!! How about a pumpkin?!

  • Thank You for all of the lovely cloths, Knitters everywhere! so much joyful colour & playfulness, and sometines a slice of what is going on irl in the background. Love.

  • Thank you to everyone, ESPECIALLY the Most Wonderful people at MDK… during a most difficult month and still going ….. this KAL gave me some much needed fun, motivation and smiles!! Thank YOU!!


  • What is that photo with the castle on a cliff? Scotland or England maybe? It’s beautiful but does it have a connection to dishcloths?!

    • Read the photo credits for a solution to the mystery!

      • Thanks!

  • Kay, the Lounge is past 500 posts now!!

  • Love your prizes!

    Cleaning product I miss the most? Dip-it. Haven’t found anything that replaces it, won’t forgive the Husbeast for using up my last box on his stupid huge Saturday hot water pot; my teapots (metal and ceramic) cry out for it.

    • It looks like it is available again. Very expensive, though.
      Dip-It XPDip-It XP features a granular compound specially formulated to remove stubborn stains created by coffee, tea and foods in both hard and soft water conditions. A concentrated formula penetrates soils faster while stable oxygen stain removers make Dip-It XP safe on plastic, china and metal surfaces. Dip-It XP effectively removes rancid coffee oils and tannins which can destroy the fresh brewed aroma and can cause off-flavors.

      • It looks like it’s marketed to professionals and not for home use.
        But thanks – I came across this before.

        Baking soda just isn’t doing the trick!

  • An EPIC prize! Thank you MDK! My cleaning lady just got a vacation.

  • I remember Ann’s post about the spinning, whirling mop bucket and rushed out to get one thinking it would make me want to mop more often. That worked probably twice. And my little grandson thought it was spectacular. I love what I learn about reading these daily posts!!!!

  • My Mom made her own clean up slipper from 6 or 8 thicknesses of towel (one towel folded several times). It was always by the stove and so easy to use when a drop of milk or water fell on the floor. Even a child enjoys sticking in their foot and making it disappear. About once a month, throw it in w/ the towel in the clothes washer.

    • Inspired thinking!

  • A Quick HowTo for the CleanUp Slipper: Fold an old towel to make multiple thicknesses. Use a crayola to outline your foot. Zig-zag around the foot shape, just outside the line. Cut around, just outside the zig-zagging.

    Find an old washcloth or other scrap of fabric and make a foot strap across the top, by zig-zagging onto the towel piece.
    Have fun.

  • A Dishrag Speaks is perhaps one of the best things I’ve read on the subject.

  • So it looks like I’m the only slacker who just throws a dishtowel on the floor and walks on (and with) it to clean up spills.

    • You are not alone, Karen! I too grab an old dishtowel and shuffle along with it to clean up whatever – unless it’s water than the cloth at hand. So easy!

  • Why is Gylen Castle posing amongst the dishclothes? Is that the ancestral home of the first dishcloth knitter?

  • I have mop slippers! Because my mom used to talk on the phone and sweep/dust mop with her socks, I developed the habit decades ago. A sweet friend knows of my weird habit and sent me a pair. I love them!

  • I love knitting dishhcloths!!

  • It was fun, I was having trouble with the honeycomb scarf pattern but after a few dishcloths I know it by heart and can’t wait for my shawl balls to be delivered.