All your dishcloth knitting needs, plus our series of Field Guides, little books that explore the big world of knitting.

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  • I’ve been wanting to knit this for every woman in my family since you first posted a picture! You just made my day. Thank you!

  • OOOOOHHHHHH! (Jumping up and down) Thank you so much for the pattern. I would cast on this weekend but I’m driving my parents to visit relatives. Unfortunately, I can’t drive and knit while they’re in the car with me! 🙂

  • For what it’s worth, I got an invite to Martha’s shindig too. If I were local, I would definitely have gone!

  • OMG! Love it, can’t wait to knit it!

  • Well, uh, since I ONLY read knitting blogs, I didn’t know cussin’ Martha was MARTHA until I slipped over to Annie Modesitt (ooh – spoiler alert). Blog Her 2010? I don’t think I have time.

  • Well, that’s one down side to living in the middle of nowhere. There aren’t many fabulous glitter-and-pretty-cupcake parties for crafty bloggers being thrown by media celebrities in La Conner, WA.
    Maybe later today I’ll throw a handful of glitter in the air and say “Yayyyy!” and pretend!

  • Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous party, dahling. I am sure, of course, that my invitation was simply lost in the mail…
    Although I suppose that Marty is not all that into inviting people who are simply famous in their own heads.
    sigh. Alas. Must fire my publicist immediately.

  • That’s not a dishcloth, but a work of art!

  • Choose the right colors, and you can convert that pear to an eggplant. For those who prefer eggplant parmigiana to a pear compote.

  • …How about the parmigiana for dinner, and the compote for dessert?
    I liked your picture from the party, Kay. What I also liked is that she put your name in red letters, ‘cos you ladies are that special to so many.
    Happy Friday!

  • well, double darn dang I had an invite to that Martha thing but I was on a shoot in Vt. You & Caro? That would have been fun. Next time. It looks like the dress code was “cute little dress” . I would have screwed that up , I would have been wearing Caro’s Tshirt. Mine’s white on white,and it’s a very Good Thing..

  • Gee..there’s ole Orla again…she sure is pretty! I haven’t used mine pretty! It’s a really pretty dishcloth…just sayd “I am fancy”…and ok, I am jealous…you got to play with Martha. Wow…she should wise up and have you two on her show. Would be the best…you knit, you blog, and you have two best selling book…it’s a win,win, win.Take care, enjoy what’s left of summer… Wendy

  • well golly gee whizz andy they just never
    invite me -well don’t you worry the president
    wasn’t invited niether – feel better now
    thank you for the pattern clever you

  • for years I’ve wanted to do a sprig of rosemary in champagne. Herb-y cocktails intrigue me. I had a lavendar something at Tavern on the Green once. Sigh. Fiddlehead ferns on the salad.

  • I love the pear. Could it be a pineapple maybe with a little different leaf set up at top?
    I plan to try. Thanks.

  • Perhaps an olive shaped one for Olive month???

  • Maybe too many of us knit bloggers are running under the radar of the Martha. It’s the only good explanation why you didn’t have more knitterly company.

  • I was SO CLOSE to wearing my handmade, not homemade t-shirt. So close. But I thought the better of it when I realized I wouldn’t actually be wearing anything handmade at all, so I would just look like a weirdo in Old Navy clothes going on about not consuming mass-produced stuff. Funny that.
    So glad I ran into you and Annie there! Made me feel more comfortable just knowing there were other knitters about.

  • Perfect to go with my Orla handbag and “Kiely Wheelie.” Now if I had only been able to score some of the Orla dishes as Target…

  • I started the pear discloth yesterday. I love it, thanks for the pattern!
    I will be a great swap gift!

  • THANKS! My Mom, being a 70’s freak, loves pears!
    But… can you give me some pointers on Plum Orla? I can’t suss out anything to save my life! I’m a pattern slave.. 🙁